Another Day In A Simply Twintastic Life

Mom Affirmations

As a mom I have found balancing life and motherhood difficult at times. I have to admit I am hard on myself when I cannot do it all or the turns out a little less pleasant. With twins, the terrible twos, and so much more that occurs in our house, I often need a few words of advice, wisdom, encouragement, etc… to keep a positive attitude. I know that my children should be the only positive I need but lets face reality. When the house is a total mess, temper tantrums are occurring, I am trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, and I haven’t had time to shower yet…I need to hear positive words. So, as I was searching through Pinterest the other day, I found a link to mom affirmations.

With many finds on the internet, I was a little skeptical at first that this would have any meaning or be real affirmations. But I was pleasantly surprised. This mom had created affirmations for all types of situations. I found the affirmations on this website.  Affirmations for Mom I am listing the affirmations here as well.

Mom Affirmations

1. If I do nothing today besides hug my kids, then I’ve done enough. 
2. I’m not the perfect mother, but I’m exactly the one my children need. 
3. Today I will see the best in myself. 
4. The decisions made by other moms do not need to dictate mine. 
5. I have been called to motherhood — the most powerful calling in the world. 
6. I respect my children; I respect myself. 
7. Being a good mom takes courage, and today I am feeling brave.  
8. My mothering body is beautiful. 
9. Today I will be the type of person I would like my children to become. 
10. There’s value in showing my kids my vulnerability. 
11. Not loving every moment of motherhood doesn’t mean I don’t love being a mom. 
12. I will teach my child by example more so than by advice. 
13. There is no such thing as “just a mom.”
14. I accept my children just as they are. 
15. I love my kids even when I don’t particularly like them. 
16. Today I will be an intentional parent. 
17. I am a blessing to my family. 
18. As I teach my kids today, I’ll also be open to the lessons they can teach me. 
19. I’m grateful for my life as a mom. 
20. I love my kids, which means I’m doing just fine. 

Not all of these affirmations apply to my life but they are nice to read. It’s funny how when you are pregnant or talking about getting pregnant everyone tells you the joys of motherhood. They never tell you the hardships.

I really loved reading this post from Pick Any Two. She had other great posts on the joys and other moments of motherhood.


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