What’s Going On?!?

It’s hard to believe that it is already October. I have been so behind on writing and trying to keep up with everything. So what’s been going on in our lives?

School & Back to School Activities

All three kids are in school now. My girls go five days a week to Kindergarten. They absolutely LOVE being in school. This is their first year to be apart and have mixed feelings about this. It truly depends on the day as to whether or not they like being apart or wish to be together. I guess you could say we are still waiting on the official verdict of that.

With school being back in session that means back to school activities. My girls are both in a bible study once a week. This takes up an entire afternoon once a week but it is a wonderful experience for them. They have started soccer again so this takes up two afternoons a week with practice and Saturdays for the games.

On our off days its usually working on homework and taking some time to play after school. I have to be completely honest here. I thought that parents were a bit ridiculous when they said they enjoyed summer time when the kids were home. My kids fight when they are home so I couldn’t imagine them being home all day. I now retract that statement! My life has been overwhelmed with activities and I miss the easier days when they were less busy.

Mason is also in “school” twice a week. He seems to like it but is still a momma’s boy who would rather be at home. We attend a bible study together once a week as well.

Usborne Books

Another new adventure for me is that I became a consultant for Usborne Books and More last month. I decided to take this leap into direct sales for the books because I wanted the discount on books and the fun of sharing them with other moms. I love the books, love the parties, but it has been a big adjustment to my schedule. I have spent so much time advertising and working on networking that I have fallen behind on my other passions.


The remodel that you have heard about all summer was finished the last week of September and turned over to us at that time. Unfortunately, it was not really finished. We had finishing touches that we had to make to the project and our contractor is not done. It’s the middle of October and we still need to finish the project. Currently it’s minor things on the inside that need to be done such as the door handles on the closets, the mirror in the bathroom, the shower door in the bathroom and furnishing the office. Those are minor things that we need to do and will not have our contractor work on. The biggest problem with our project is the external brick. The brick guys made a HUGE mistake on our brick when they installed. They let a guy they were training lay several bricks and did not correct his mistakes of uneven bricks. This caused the entire brick job to be crooked! So, they now have to come back, take the brick off the house, and then redo the brick. This means that we cannot put our fence back up until the brick is finished and it means more people in our backyard to fix this issue.

This project has given me a major headache and I am trying to not think about the drama.

Coming Up

I’m hoping to catch up on some past posts. I will be sharing with you my Usborne business along with fantastic books. I have some FANTASTIC fall recipes to share with you along with wonderful Young Living products. Be sure to check back for some great fall posts.

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