Weekend Review


This past weekend was a little less chaotic as the last weekend. We had one birthday party to attend this weekend. It was a little boy from their Mother’s Day Out class last year. He celebrated his birthday at a local gymnastics center. They had the kids jumping and bouncing all over the gymnastics center. The girls had a blast! That day was the first day in a while that both girls took a nap.

Joel worked in the backyard again that day. We have decided to fill in the concrete patio that the previous home owners left as rock gardens, which was actually dirt and a bunch of rocks they dumped in an area. It really was unsafe for the kids to walk on these rock gardens. So we decided to dig out the rocks and add concrete to the area. Joel had to break it into four sections to be able to pour the concrete and level it properly. On Saturday he was able to pour one section before the temperature got too hot outside that it really was unpleasant to be outside.


We started our normal routine with getting up and going to church Sunday morning. This has become a little bit of a stressful time as they have adjusted the times of services and have back to back services on Sunday mornings. It makes both the parking lot and children’s ministry very congested. Basically you have to hurry and get there so you can get your children into the ministry. Luckily we arrive early most mornings so we have been able to get them in. This past Sunday was the one before the first day of school. So everyone that had been missing church due to traveling, was back making it even more crowded. I’m hoping that it settles down as we enter the school year.

That afternoon, Joel poured another section of the concrete patio. He managed to get it set and was cleaning up when dark clouds rolled in. We were supposed to have a 20% chance of rain when we woke up that morning, which where we live means that it won’t rain at all, just get cloudy. Well all of a sudden we had 100% chance of rain and it was rolling in as he finished. Of course, wet concrete does not need to get saturated moments after being laid down. So, Joel and I were rushing to find anything to cover the concrete without ruining the hard work. Luckily we had a few tarps that we could use to cover the two sections. But it meant that no more concrete work, or yard work could be done that afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we watched the rain come down and relaxed inside the house as there was nothing else we needed or could do at that moment.

Next weekend plans

We have plans to finish the concrete either during the week or by next weekend. There are two small slabs left to pour. Hopefully they will not take long and we can get them in by Saturday. We have a few small things around the house that need touch ups and to be cleaned up before the girls party the following weekend. I’m hoping that we can finish up all current projects by next weekend, leaving the following week just to relax and enjoy the week. 

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