Weekend Review

This past weekend was a busy weekend for us. Between our normal routines, landscaping, and birthday parties…we were pretty booked all weekend. 
We are working on our backyard to clean it up and get it ready for the girls party. We have this chain link fence that seperates part of the yard. The previous owner installed it to keep their dog out of his workshop area. It really does not serve much of a purpose for us but it’s more work to tear it down at this point. Anyways, it’s a complete eye sore along with the workshop behind it. So we planted a few bushes and ground plants this weekend in the flower bed right in front of it. The bushes are really small but are supposed to be fast growing so we are hoping that in the next year or so, we will see larger bushes that can hide the fence behind it. 
Party # 1
My cousin and his family live out here by us. Their son turned 1 last week so we celebrated his 1st birthday this past weekend. It was one of the really hot days we have had this past month, so having a splash pool for the kids worked out great. The adults were able to stay cool under the patio with misters. After a few hours of celebrating with family this sweet baby’s first birthday the girls and I headed home. 
Saturday Night
Joel worked on the backyard and spent time catching up with an old friend while we were at the party. I’m really no help to him in this heat and being pregnant so it was easier for him to just work on his own. His friend came over for dinner and we all sat around talking for a little while after. It’s the first time we have had people over in a little while so it was nice. 
Party #2
The second party of the weekend was some friends from their mother’s day out class. They are the other set of twin girls in the class. Their party was at a local country club that has a splash pad and kiddie pool. The girls had a blast. Bailey was terrified to go up on the splash pad because the water was splashing in her face. Brooke did not care about the water. She paired up with a boy from their class. The two of them went down that slide about 100 times. Bailey preferred the kiddie pool. We enjoyed two hours of playing in the sun before heading back home. Joel came with us to this party which was nice because part of the time one girl was in the splash pad and the other was in the kiddie pool. The girls were not happy with us to leave but it was already late and I was burnt. (Oops, I didn’t put sunscreen on myself.) 

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