Usborne Books

I’m so excited to start sharing with you all these wonderful new books that my kids are falling in love with! Today’s book I’m sharing with you is my daughter, Brooke’s favorite Usborne book.

Nibbles, The Book Monster

Nibbles the book monster is a cute, animated story about a little monster who eats his way through books. To share the cuteness, here is Usborne’s description.

“Nibbles is on the loose, and he’s chomping through all of your favorite fairy tales! With books within the book, Emma Yarlett’s utterly appealing artwork, and lots and lots of nibbled holes, this laugh-out-loud funny and ferocious charmer’s unstoppable appetite for the printed page will nibble a hole right through your heart.” -Usborne

My daughter loves this book so much! She memorized it after the first reading of the story. The detail and excitement throughout the story has children laughing in joy over the character. We absolutely love reading this book and sharing it with others.

The link above shows you how to get a copy for your little one too. Nibbles has a continued story with the book Nibbles the dinosaur guide.


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