Update on the Preschool Lessons


You may have noticed that all of the preschool lessons have been removed from the blog. This was my decision to do and here is why.

When I first started the preschool lessons on my blog, I had found a few resources that I could incorporate. I liked the plans for the exposure to learning but as I continued to write the lessons, I found that it was a lot of repetition but was not something that was going to allow my children to grow in learning. So I started looking for more options for this curriculum. I really liked the Science lessons I had found but needed better reading, writing, and math. I wanted to have lessons that would incorporate actual reading skills for my kids and not just read a louds and picture walks, which is where I felt my current lessons were going.

While reading one of my favorite preschool blogs, The Measured Mom, I came across a reading program that they used for their home-preschool. It was from This Reading Mama with her Reading the Alphabet program. Here is a link with a sample of her program. I have looked at a few programs and sample lesson plans for homeschooling now and she has the best amount of resources for activities and lessons for a great price!

No Place Like Home School

My new plan for my preschool lessons will be:

Circle Time:

  • Color of the month
  • Shape of the month
  • Weather
  • Sight word
  • letter identification
  • Songs


  • Read Alouds from a book list I have found
  • Weekly Lessons and activities from Reading the Alphabet Reading Program*


  • My writing activities will be a combination of writing from the Reading the Alphabet program, ideas I find online, and activities that I found on The Measured Mom.
  • I will also be using handwriting books during this time.



  • Science experiments based on the letter of the week compiled from The Measured Mom.
  • A few other experiments that I have found for review weeks

Social Studies, Art, and Drama:

  • All of these will be activities that go with the theme of the week or letter of the week.


When will the lessons post again?

I will plan to start reposting the new updated lessons some time between now and mid-August. So check back for updated and exciting new lesson plans.

*Disclaimer: Because of copyright rules, I will not be including pictures or actual copies of the lessons or activities from the Reading the Alphabet Reading Program. I will only be showing how we are using those activities in our weekly preschool lessons. If you would like to use my lesson plans that incorporate this program, you can purchase her program here at This Reading Mama.


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