Update on Brooke’s Glasses

Brooke has worn her glasses for 4 months. She has already outgrown her first pair of glasses. When we got ready to get a new pair, Joel suggested we see the specialist his friend recommended in Lubbock. So we set up an appointment for Mid-September.

We went to her appointment and learned that the prescription was switched on her current glasses. The prescription for her left eye was meant for her right and vice-versa. The old eye doctor’s office made a mistake and Brooke had been wearing the wrong prescription for 4 months.

This new doctor wrote the prescription for the new glasses and a prescription for eye drops. The eye drops will go in her left eye to make it dilated. This will strengthen her right eye. We have to put the drops in two consecutive days a week. We are a little nervous about putting drops in her eyes but want to try something more than just glasses.

Brooke got her new glasses the other day. She picked pink with lady bugs. 🙂 I asked and they assured me that they were the right prescription.

Check back for another update.

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