Twin Bond

Since finding out I was pregnant with twins, I have found myself extremely curious about twins. From how they are formed, birth, and their lives. My life the past 6 years has been researching about twins and I must say that I learned a lot from reading and raising my baby girls. The biggest concept that I have yet to figure out and still find so interesting is the bond between twins.

My girls from the beginning have been raised as if they are sisters, not just twins. We have never stressed that their different because they are twins. We wanted them to feel like they were individuals and allowed to be their own person, not part of a set. We have dressed the differently, had their own beds, own clothes, and now their own class. They know they are twins but they are also sisters who like to have their individual space. No matter how different their space may be, their twin bond shines through in all situations.

This year has been a real eye-opener on how strong the twin bond is for them. They have certain quirks about them that reveal more than a sister bond, but a twin bond. Here are a few things that we have seen lately with their twin bond.


They are OBSESSED with matching their clothes, their hair, their shoes. Everything they wear has to be the exact same. If Bailey wears a nightgown, Brooke has to wear a nightgown. If Brooke wears a ponytail, Bailey has to wear a ponytail. There have even been tears if one of them chooses to break the matching obsession with their own outfit.

Doing Things At the Same Time

Both girls want to have their sister right by their side. Each morning, they have to stand side-by-side to brush their teeth. Then they both have to get dressed at the same time. This continues throughout the day with their daily activities. They will not do a task if the other is not there doing it too. I hear many times a day “But I can’t without my sister.” Which is frustrating to mom but it is part of their twin bond. They also have to play together each day. They may parallel play but they have to both be doing the same activities.


Bailey is far less of a picky eater than Brooke. She usually eats everything given to her. Now they want to eat the exact same way. I have to cut sandwiches the same way. They have to have the exact same amount of something on their plate and yes they will count. They have to sit side by side at the table to eat their meal (or tears if someone sits in their spot).

So what does this all matter? It means that no matter how hard we try to let them be separate, to be their own individuals, the more the twin bond shone through. They love their twin, and they will continue to grow that twin bond no matter how apart they are. The bond between twins is for life, whether they are apart or together.

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