Trick or Treating 2017

We just had Halloween and to continue the tradition, we went Trick or Treating in the neighborhood next to ours. I’ve never understood why a great neighborhood like ours didn’t put out candy or have trick or treaters come by but the neighborhood across the main road from us has thousands of tricker treaters each year. It is complete madness!

This year in preparation for the big Halloween event, the girls picked out their costumes. Both girls chose to be fairies this year for Halloween. I searched and searched for the perfect fairy costumes for them. I could not find anything that would work for them so we went to plan b which was to create a costume. I already had tutus, leotards, and fairy wings for them. To make their costumes more fairy-like, I added flowers to the leotards and tutus. Then I created a floral headband for their costumes. It was inexpensive but fun for them!

Mason was a cowboy for Halloween! I ordered his Halloween costume from Amazon. It came with chaps, a vest, bandana, and hat. All that we managed to get on him was the chaps and vest, even that was a bit of a stretch for him. This was his second Halloween and the first one what he was going to be able to experience.

We drove over and parked on one of the streets, then loaded up Mason into the wagon and walked around for the trick or treating. Mason got out of the wagon and attempted the trick or treating. The first few houses he walked up with his sisters, then turned around and walked away, without candy. The sweet people would hand it to Joel or I and giggle because he refused to go near them. Then he started noticing that his sisters were getting candy in their bucket so started to stick around. At one house a lady was giving out full-size Butterfinger bars and that sold Mason on the trick or treating. He was loving going up to the door with his sisters! Mason never said trick or treat or thank you (we’ll get that down next year) but he would stick out his bucket for candy. We couldn’t help but laugh.  Brooke and Bailey have the trick or treating down, they were good about saying thank you when they left. They wanted to continue trick or treating but we had been out for an hour but it was getting cold so we ended the evening and headed home.

It was fun to watch the three of them in such a fun experience for them all.

Now it’s time for November to start. We are excited to start the holiday season!

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