Time For A Mini-Vacation

Some of you may know that we live in a small town 6-8 hours from our families. We moved this far 3 1/2 years ago for my husband’s job. It was a very hard thing to do but we made the sacrifice to better our lives. (I’m still trying to convince myself of this!)

Since moving here, we have found ourselves stuck in this “just making it through the week” phase. Every week it’s a rigid schedule that we push through to get to the weekend which disappears in less that 24 hours (so it feels). This is a huge problem with majority of people in America so I know you understand what I am talking about.

With this hectic schedule, we often find ourselves longing for a break of some kind. I see it most in my husband, time when he needs to get away. We used to take this time every couple of months, especially in the fall months to go see family and friends from back home and get away from our reality. Since I was pregnant in the fall and we have had a newborn for the past few months, we have not been able to do this. It has been 6 months since we traveled last. 6 months since we have taken a break from the reality of our day to day lives. It is way over due!

With Joel’s schedule becoming more complex over the next few months, we knew it was now or never for this vacation time. So we packed our bags and headed back home for about 6 days over Memorial Day weekend.

For our first stop we headed to his hometown. Mason did really well on the drive. We had two moments that he cried out but was calm most of the time. I sat in the back seat with him and the girls sat in the very back. This is always fun for them because only “big girls” can sit in the back. They were able to watch movies, play their games, read books, etc… So other than the fact that it rained the last two hours of the drive. It was a smooth first part.

We got some much needed time outside, which is really important to my husband. When he has to spend too much time away from home, spending time out where he grew up seems to refresh him. It gives him a sense of calmness that he can’t seem to get anywhere else. The girls love it too! My in-laws live out in the country so for my girls this is a special place. This is where they get to put on their boots, go visit the cows, splash in the mud, and this time even camp out with Grammy! You can see their camp out here at Double The Fun When Camping Out.

From there we headed to my home town, which is about 3 1/2 hours from there. Mason did well again for this short drive. He slept about 3 hours of the trip. We spent a few days there, seeing my family and going to the beach. We spent Memorial Day with my dad, step mom, and siblings. We really had a fun day relaxing at my dad’s house and swimming in the pool.

The girls have been begging to go to the beach so we took them before everyone got out of school for the summer. This was Mason’s first beach trip. Mason was not a huge fan of the breeze or sand but he loved being in the water. It was warm like bath water so he was pretty happy sitting in the water. You can read more about our beach trip here at Beach Trip 2016.

We had a lot of fun camping, going to the beach, and just having a mini-vacation. It was nice to get away for a week! Mason was not thrilled to ride home. We made extra stops to allow everyone to get out and move around a bit. Our typical 8 hours of a drive took 9 hours. As much as we loved seeing everyone, we were happy to get back home.

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