They Grow Too Fast!

The girls have been going to Ft. Worth for their two week visits on the Doc Band. Both girls are making huge progress. Brooke will be finished with her band as of Friday, June 21. They will take her final pictures and get the ending measurements on that date. We received her head mold from her first scan last Friday. Bailey still has a bit to go and there is talk of her having a third band. Her head shape has corrected itself tremendously but her ears need to realign. I am hoping and praying that she will make the full growth that she can before she leaves this band so that we can be finished. She becomes very frustrated with the band so I am ready for it to be gone. She made a lot of progress the past two weeks. She grew 4 mm in two weeks. Which is HUGE when you are working on the reshaping. We hope to see more of those growth spurts within the remaining two months of this band. 
I weighed and measured the girls on May 31. Brooke is 21 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long. Bailey is 20 pounds and 27 inches long. As of Saturday morning, the girls have decided that they will no longer eat baby food. They only want table food and to feed themselves. This includes their bottles. We have had to be creative in their feeding so that they will eat. This decision of theirs only came after I had spent four hours making homemade baby food for them and we had purchased two weeks of stage 3 food, which they hate. So I am now trying to figure out how to incorporate baby pureed foods into table foods for the girls. Any suggestions would be fantastic! 🙂 They have not officially started crawling but the rocking has started. They get up on their knees and rock. They also move all around are living room by scooting. Brooke is pulling up on the coffee table trying to get up to stand. She is not very successful at this but I am sure she will figure it out soon. 

Bailey is doing fantastic with her physical therapy. The therapist has us doing maintenance only on her neck stretches and we are mainly focusing on the issues that come with Torticollis. Such as not knowing how to shift your body with movement. It’s amazing how much this affects her entire body. So we working on crawling motions, being up on all fours and fighting gravity, and other things that babies usually come into on their own. Her therapist tells me every visit that she is an extremely hard worker and is determined to do anything we give her. It makes Joel and I happy to know that she is working so hard and that some day this will all be behind us. The girls were supposed to have their 9 month appt this week but the doctor’s office canceled and rescheduled for after they turn ten months old. This makes things difficult for me since I have so many questions about their feeding and changes that they are going through. Hopefully we can get some answers before too long. 


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