The Two-Monster

Mason just turned two a few days ago and overnight we met this new member of our family.

He is known as the two-monster. This two-monster’s timing is never at a time when appropriate to deal with this sort of creature but at a time when I’m trying to get my other kids around or we have somewhere to be or even after a long day. Most days start with my sweet two-year-old boy coming out somewhat happy to start the day. Within moments he is transformed into this two-monster, throwing a fit over his milk being in the wrong cup or not being allowed to eat all of the vitamins (his sister’s included), or not having his breakfast ready to go. The two-monster appears with crying and screaming, hitting and throwing. I know in that moment that I’m not dealing with my sweet cuddly boy but his “alter-ego” the two-monster. You have to tread carefully around this creature.

He will strike at any given moment, and sometimes without notice.

Usually, he can be calmed with the appearance of the “right” food or cup. Other times he sticks around sulking and waiting for another moment to cause a scene. Throughout the day he appears around lunch and naptime. Then again at dinner, bath and bedtimes. The two-monster makes his presence known by his screaming and hitting fits for not getting his way. By the end of the day the two-monster is tired, Mason is tired, and so are we.

The two-monster needs to go back to his hiding place and bring my sweet boy back.




This post is making light of the known terrible twos. In reality, Mason isn’t our first one to go through this phase but it’s been a few years and we are making adjustments to handle the undesirable moments. Sometimes dealing with these terrible outbursts is like dealing with a monster. Honestly very little can subdue the fits and you find yourself fighting a losing battle. Either you give in and they get what they want, or you stand strong and refuse to give in, causing another or very long going fit. To be truthful, it depends on the day as to whether or not I’m up for fighting it.

In comparison to the time frame that his sisters went through this phase, Brooke started throwing herself down on the ground in horribleĀ fits around 18 months old. Bailey never went through a terrible two stage but instead waited until almost 3 1/2 before she started her drama stage. We were very fortunate with the twins that they went through the rough times separately.

On The Blog

I’m really behind on the blog and brainstorming new stories. I’ve recently started a new home business, am still remodeling our office, kids in school, and the holidays have gotten the best of my time. I can say that my mom-life has changed a lot in the past 5 months. So I do have a lot to write about and will be sharing more soon.


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