The August Blues

Have you ever been so sick of summer that you are desperately ready for fall and for school to return? I’m going through that right now. I am dealing with the August blues.

I am so tired of these really high temperatures. Lately it has been above 100 degrees on a daily basis. The temperatures have not been below 80 at night in a few months. It’s hot all of the time, which makes it harder for me to sit outside with the girls and let them play with all of this heat. So I am ready for the cooler weather. We were very fortunate that yesterday a large cool front came in, cooling outside into the 70s for the first time since April. It was amazing playing outside last night and relaxing in the cooler weather. Today is heading right back into the warmer temperatures though so the cool front was just a tease for what is to come later. I am ready for it!

The major August blues that I am facing is the girls to return to school. They have been home since mid-May and are sick of being home. They are ready to return to their weekly activities as am I. These two girls have started fighting a lot, now that they are stuck with eachother and only each other on a daily basis. More arguments, tears, and drama have occurred this month than most of the summer. It’s really starting to wear on me in these last few weeks. Any of our extra curricular activites have stopped for the summer so we are waiting until the first week of September to return to bible study. Mother’s day out will start that following week, after Labor Day.

This is all coming at the beginning of my nesting stage for baby #3. I’m sure it’s pretty early to start nesting, but I have certainly entered into that stage. It started this past week with me wanting everything to get finished around the house. Poor Joel has had to complete a ton of honey do’s because I am pushing to have everything done. Part of this has started because the girls’ birthday party is in two weeks but the other part is so that we can start on working on the nursery.

I am definitly facing the August blues and am ready for September and beautiful fall weather.

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