Summer Has Began…

Summer break has been something that I have dreaded in a way for a while. I have been so worried about keeping the girls entertained and happy just being at home. Well they have been at home now for two weeks and they are bored, just as I had feared. The first two weeks have not been what I had hoped and the girls are beginning to beg to go back to Mother’s Day Out. I spent quite a bit of the time sick and unable to keep them entertained. So most of those two weeks were playing in their playroom while I watched them, watching movies/tv shows, or coloring/reading books, etc… We didn’t go outside much those two weeks because I was ill and the heat was not something I could handle. 

Last week was a little better than the first week. We started our summer calendar activities last week. On Monday we colored pictures for make it monday. On Tuesday we began our bible study lesson for the summer. I had a hard time getting the girls to sit down and listen to the story but they absolutely loved their activity. I printed off a picture of the earth and random animals. I cut the animals out for them and let them glue the animals to the earth. Our lesson was the discussion of God making the earth and everything in it. You can find the lesson here Bible Study Lesson 1. Wednesday we went to the park for a morning play date with our neighbor. The girls had fun playing on the playground equipment but it was quickly crowded with kids, so we were only able to stay for an hour. That afternoon we started their gymnastics class. The girls did not listen and did not want to sit and wait their turn for the equipment. Most of the time I was involved trying to keep my kids to sit still. I was not the only parent having to chase their children around the gym. It was complete chaos!! I am desperately praying that the next session will go a lot smoother. 
Thursday we played dress up with our lady bug and bumble bee outfits as well as played doctor a lot. The girls love giving me a check up, especially with me feeling under the weather. Friday we relaxed around the house and finished our day swimming in our pool. With the over cast weather and rain that we have received lately, last week was the first week we could actually get in the water and it not be too cold. 
This week has already started much better. I finally have started to kick the under the weather feeling so I am able to do more with the girls. We started working on our Father’s Day craft for Joel. The girls will be gone all next week with grandparents so we will not have time to do the project then. 
I’m hoping the rest of the summer just gets better and better and that I can keep these almost three year olds happy about spending time with mommy. 

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