Summer 2016: June Recap

So this Summer has been quite lazy. I had so many plans for this summer but June did not go as planned.

We started June by ending  our trip to his parents and mine. We had a lot of fun spending that last week of May and early June with family. We really liked being away from our reality of work and daily house tasks. That ended quickly and then it was unpacking and recovering from our trip.

The next week was getting back into a routine…wait what routine? At this point our house was madness! Mason still was not sleeping well and the girls were not sure what to do anymore. Their weekly schedule was gone and they were lost without school, bible study, and friends.

The first two weeks of June were truly lazy days around the house. I would love to say that it was full of pajama time, snuggles, and sleeping in but realistically it was this mom trying to survive three children at home who seemed to be determined to wreck the house in any way possible. Most of these first few days were spent with crying from not just the children but me as well. This was followed by many mommy headaches. Not a good start to summer and three months with three children.

By week three I had decided we had to figure out some kind of plan or we were not going to survive this summer break. This is what needed to be done.

#1 – Mason had to be on a regular schedule. He had spent 6 weeks already on a daily changing schedule. This really affected me, which affected the girls. During week 3 we dropped a feeding, stretching bottles to every four hours. He still wakes at night but is settling quickly and back to sleep faster.

#2 – We had to have a daily routine! We had been so lazy with those first few weeks but now we needed some structure. So I started requiring daily outside time during the hours that Mason takes his morning naps. We have to go out in the morning because it’s already hit over 100 degrees here.

#3 – I had to find some me time during the day. I had spent the past two weeks wanting to pull my hair out and never having a moment of peace so I had to have some me, quiet time without any kids. This is probably the biggest challenge because the girls are no longer napping.

So how did it all turn out?

Well, a week and a half later and Mason is doing better with his feeding schedule. He still wakes up at various times in the night. Unfortunately all of his shifts in schedule has affected my milk supply so I am now supplementing formula with the little breastmilk I can produce. But hey, a little is still important so I’m nursing and pumping whenever I can, which is not much.

The girls are doing better with some kind of routine even if we haven’t been able to play out much with all the rain and horrible mosquitos. Our new issue is that they “hate” playing in their backyard. Their stuff is boring now. Which drives me crazy because we have a ton of outside toys to play on. I guess I need to plan more outdoor activities to make it fun again.

Finding me time…this is still a challenge day to day. With Mason fighting me during nap time and the girls refusing to stay in their room with the door shut for any longer than fifteen minute periods, I don’t get much quiet time. This is a continuous work in progress and something I need to continue to work at.

So with June 2016 a wrap, we are looking toward July with high hopes. We have signed the girls up for semi-private swim lessons. This means that they will be together with the instructor without other children. I’m hoping that this means they will listen to the instructor and actually learn something. This will be a Monday – Thursday thing for thirty minutes in July. I’m waiting to see how it turns out before I sign them up for August.

During that same time, Mason and I are in a Mommy and Me swim class to acclimate him to the swimming pool. This will be a little fun bonding time for he and I but it’s only Mondays and Wednesdays. The other days we will sit and watch the girls swim.

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