Stitch Fix

Something I have been wanting and needing to do is update my clothes. My current wardrobe consists of:  nice dress clothes that I used when I was teaching 4+ years ago (have not been worn since), blue jeans, college t-shirts, more casual shirts, and my lazy yoga or lounge attire. Most of my clothes were purchased pre-babies. The clothes purchased during motherhood were casual (inexpensive) clothes that now have stains and are worn badly in places. 🙁 Anytime we have tried to go out, I have cried because nothing I have in my closet looks good on me or makes me feel good. I am currently postpartum with baby #3 and I am ready to find something that looks good on me.

While I was pregnant with my son, I heard about Stitch Fix. I never looked into it because I was pregnant and was not interested in purchasing clothes for myself. To be honest, I never buy clothes for myself, just for the kids. My very loving and supportive husband has told me for over a year that I needed to buy clothes for myself. I guess he was tired of hearing me complain I had nothing to wear or that nothing fit right anymore. This was always difficult for me because like all moms, I put my kids first and don’t think about myself. As my pregnancy with my son ended and I started losing the baby weight, I decided that it was time to update my wardrobe.

Why Stitch Fix?

My typical week as a stay at home mom of three kids includes speech therapy for one of my daughters twice a week, mother’s day out twice a week, bible study group (plus daily lessons), and household tasks. Not to mention any other things that pop up on our to do list. My week is always full and focused on my family. The weekends are just as busy with home projects and spending time together. So no time to shop for me without dragging 3 kids to the mall. Then there is the other issue of what to buy. I am a bit clueless on what is currently in style. I knew I was going to need help.

Then one morning I saw an ad for Stitch Fix on Facebook. I decided it was time to check it out. As I read through the reviews and description, I realized that this was a great solution to my problem. This was the help I needed. Stitch Fix could provide me with a personal stylist that would help me purchase clothes that were in style and would fit my comfort zone. The best part was I wouldn’t have to leave my house to shop. For a mom of 3, this was fantastic news. My loving husband agreed, as soon as  I told him, that I needed to sign up and start purchasing clothes for my new wardrobe.

How Does It Work?

To start a Stitch Fix account and begin your wardrobe change go to Stitch Fix and sign up. Stitch Fix will have you fill out a long and detailed survey on your size and style interest. This will help your personal stylist pick out clothes for you. Be honest because you don’t want your stylist to send you something that is the wrong size or something that you would not wear. They charge a $20 stylist fee each month but don’t worry, this fee is applied to your purchase order when you buy the items that are sent to you.

Within a few weeks you receive a box with five items. You have the option to purchase zero to five of the items in the box. If you choose to keep all of the items, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. Your stylist is learning about your personal style so it may take a few times to get it just right. Make sure you tell them why you do or do not like an item you received. They can then apply that information to future fixes.

Returns are easy too. Stitch Fix provides a prepaid envelope for the shipment. You just put the unwanted items into the envelope and drop off at the post office. You must return the envelope within 3 business days.

Styling Card:

Styling Card

Each Stitch Fix delivery comes with a styling card to help you with your outfits. The styling card shows various outfit ideas including accessories. Not only does this help with the items they sent you but it also helps you choose outfits on your own.

There’s An App For That! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

I love having apps on my phone that make my life easier! Stitch Fix has an app that helps you with your order. You can update your profile, wardrobe survey, purchase your order, and leave comments for your stylist all from your phone. This makes Stitch Fix even easier.

With Stitch Fix, shopping seems like a waste of time. I hope you Join. Let me know about your Stitch Fix experience.

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