Stitch Fix: February 2016

I received my first Stitch Fix package earlier this month. I was so excited to see what was picked out for me by my personal stylist. In my Stitch Fix February package I received a tote, a knit top, a wrap dress, denim jeans, and a knit cardigan. The color for this fix must have been navy because 3 out of the 5 pieces were navy. Navy is not a color that I normally pick but I have to admit I loved the color on me.

Loved It!

This month I chose 2 items to love and keep. I chose the:

Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress $68

Kassidy wrap dress

I loved how this dress looked on me! It was conservative, not too tight, and a great length right around the knee. If I had been out shopping, this dress would not have been picked up off the rack but I love it!

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan $48

abrianna cardigan

This cardigan was also navy. I love cardigans! This one is so soft and a great length. I like them to cover my bottom. It is a light weight cardigan but it kept me warm on a chilly morning.

Did Not Love It, But Did Not Hate It

I returned 3 items from this box.

Careen V-neck Dolman Knit Top $48

careen top

This top was nice but it did not fit the way I wanted it to. This picture is not of me in the top. I wish that mine had fit me the way this girl’s did.

Livca Straight Leg Jean $78

livca straight leg jean

These jeans were my size but felt uncomfortable due to my postpartum belly. They might work once all the puffiness is gone but I did not want to purchase jeans that “might” fit in the future.

Jak Zipper Detail Tote $68

jak tote

I actually liked this tote a lot but chose not to purchase it right now. I just bought a new purse and wallet over the holidays and could not bring myself to buy another one so soon. So I chose to return it but I am making a mental note to request it for a later fix. Yes, you can request an item to be sent at a later time if you like it but chose not to buy it when they first ship it to you.

Note to Stylist

My next fix was scheduled mid-March but I have a wedding earlier that month and wanted an outfit for that. I sent a message to my stylist requesting a dress for the wedding. I also requested for my fix to come earlier in the month allowing me time to check out the outfit and return it if I didn’t like it. In this same note, I requested capris to wear this spring (the weather is warming already here).

Overall my first fix was a success! Check back next month to see how my second fix was.

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