St. Patrick’s Day For Toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day is next week. The girls will be at Mother’s Day Out most of the day but I want to have some activities for before and after. I plan to start the fun as they wake up in the morning. I will have shamrock shaped pancakes for breakfast. Here is my inspiration.


We will have a snack of puppy chow. I found the original recipe here at No Biggie. See my post with the altered recipe on St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow.
The first activity for after Mother’s Day Out will be Shamrock paint. With green finger paint, I will coat the girls hands in green paint and help them print 4 leaves.


The second activity will be creating rainbows. I will tape two sets of 3 crayons together: red, orange, and yellow, then green, blue, and purple.



The final activity will be creating leprechaun hats.

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