Spring Break Recap

How did the Spring Break activities go? Well here is a break down of each day and how it went.

Day 1: Under The Sea

The girls loved all of the ocean animal movements. They loved being able to act silly with me. Their favorite part was king their toilet roll octopuses. I used finger paint to let them paint the roll. It was so messy but they had a blast.


Day 2: Garden Day

We planted their seeds in their flower pots in the morning. As soon as we did Bailey said “Hey birdies, come eat your food.” I had to explain again about the flower seeds and that they were not bird seed. Their favorite part of the day was to dress up in their lady bug and bumble bee costumes. They did not want to take them off.

Day 3: On The Farm

The girls loved all of the activities on this day. We acted like farm animals together. It was really fun being silly and Brooke really got into the movements. Their favorite part of the day was the farm animal masks. They wore them for several hours, running around making the noises of that particular animal. Brooke loved being the cow and Bailey’s favorite was the sheep.

This was the first warm day we have had in a while so we could actually go out and play. It was 70 degrees and absolutely beautiful. That was probably the best part of the day for me.

Day 4: Beach Day

I laid out the girls beach towels and put out sunglasses and sunhats for them to wear. They loved laying around on the beach towels looking at books. While they had their sunhats on, they pushed their baby dolls in their strollers pretending to go for a walk.

This day was also warm and beautiful so we spent some time outside playing in the sandbox and blowing bubbles. Even our little dog loves bubbles, she chases them with the girls.

Day 5: Picnics

We started our morning with a picnic blanket and a breakfast picnic in the playroom. Then we pretended to pack picnic baskets for a pretend picnic. Bailey insisted on wearing her crown on our pretend picnic. 🙂 Around 10:30 we got ready and went to a nearby park to play on the playground and having a picnic. Joel met us there with lunch. The girls were so excited to have him come eat lunch with us. The girls played for a little while there and did not want to get in the car when it was time to leave. Brooke was very upset that Joel was going back to work and was not going to stay with us. This added a nice temper tantrum to our day.

Day 6: Rainbows

The girls helped me clean the house and run errands during the morning so we didn’t get to start the rainbow fun until the afternoon. We made rainbows with finger paint and construction paper. I surprised them with chocolate chip cookies with rainbow sprinkles. They had so much fun between finger painting and cookies.

It has been such a beautiful week and this day was no different so we had to spend some time outside. I had the girls color with sidewalk chalk and we searched for objects of that color.

Day 7: Birds

The birds day was a lot of fun. We fed the birds in our backyard. We weren’t able to build bird houses because they did not come in on time. We did pretend to be birds and played outside in the backyard. We watched the birds fly in and out of the yard, and Maggie chase them away.

Day 8: Weather

We read a lot of books about weather. We went outside and looked at the clouds and the blue sky. The girls were more interested in the planes and birds than the weather. We also had fun with homemade popsicles outside.

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