Spring Break Recap

Spring Break Day 1

The first day of spring break started as a usual Saturday morning with running errands.I had to go to two different stores that morning so the girls each got a turn to go shopping with me one on one, which they loved. When we finished our errands, we all went out for a family walk and bike ride for the girls. We spent about 30 minutes and 6 blocks of walking/riding bikes.

This was a bit of a challenge for Bailey because of all of her past physical delays. She has always struggled with the walking, running, jumping, and now pedaling a bike. After two years of physical therapy, she has been able to grow out of most of the challenges but running and bike riding are still two challenges she needs to work on. She was the one on Saturday that wanted to ride longer. But by the time we reached the final two blocks she was out of energy. We had to cheer her on and encourage her to keep going. Joel and I were so proud of her and how hard she worked that day.

When we got home, I gave them all a special treat because that ride was the longest they had ever gone on and Bailey needed a reward for how hard it was on her alone. So I gave them some of our homemade fruit popcicles. Their little brother enjoyed one too, although he didn’t have to work at all on the walk. He just enjoyed the ride in the stroller.

After lunch and some time resting, we all went back outside and remained outside in the backyard playing until dinner time. We all loved being outside, this was the first time in a week that we had been able to go out.

The girls ended the night with a camp out in their room.

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Spring Break Day 2

Our second day was Sunday, time change day. UGH!!! I have to stop for a moment and say, I HATE SPRING FORWARD! Can we do away with time change already?!? It’s hard on adults, it’s hard on children, it’s time to get rid of it! (Vent over!)

As a usual Sunday morning, we got up and headed to church. I was incredibly tired this morning because I had been up with Mason for several hours. He usually wakes up between 3 and 4 am and is awake for an hour to two hours. We don’t know why but it’s awful and we have tried everything to keep him asleep. Nothing has worked and these two parents stay tired. Well this night he got up at the new 4 am and was awake until 6 am. My alarm goes off at 6:30 am so I didn’t get any sleep past 4 am. I got ready for church and then got the girls up. They were not happy about waking up earlier than normal and were quite grumpy.

After church service, we relaxed and spent the afternoon playing games and watching movies. It was really gross outside so we couldn’t go out and play. The girls had a second night of camp out in their tents that night.

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Spring Break Day 3

Monday morning we woke up to another chilly and cloudy morning. Since we weren’t able to play outside, we spent the morning playing games and watching the movie Cars in the playroom. The kids played “snapper chase” which was basically the two older ones running and hiding from little brother. The girls would run from room to room “hiding” from Mason. He would run happily through the house searching for them, which was not hard because they were giggling and squealing wherever they were. It was precious! One of the cute moments where everyone is getting along and playing together.

After lunch we got ready for the girls Cinderella Ballet camp. They found out about the camp on Friday of last week and have been reminding me each day that they start on Monday.

The ballet camp was an hour and half long. It started with stretching and then went in to teaching them a few ballet positions, first, second, fifth, sixth, plie and saute.

They played games on their ballet toes, played musical ballet positions, hopped around like ballet frogs and even walked like ballet flamingos. It was precious! They had so much fun! The camp ended with a craft activity. They made a cinderella magic wand with ribbon, markers, and stickers. Such a fun way for them to end the class.

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Spring Break Day 4

Another morning that was relaxing in our pjs and playing games around the house.  The girls had ballet camp again today. They played games and danced around the room. Their favorite game was freeze dance.

The girls had soccer practice after ballet camp. Boy were they tired that night.

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Spring Break Day 5

This morning we woke up and hurried around so that we could play outside. It was still cool in the morning but we were anxious to be outside. The kids played in their sandbox, jumped on their trampoline and ran around chasing their brother.

After lunch and nap time we headed out for day 3 of ballet camp. This time little brother joined us. (He had been on daddy duty Monday and Tuesday but dad was in the field on Wednesday). The girls enjoyed ballet camp and little brother enjoyed the first 10 minutes of watching them before starting to throw a fit. I spent the next hour fighting him. Thankfully they got to a point in the camp that I could gather the girls a few minutes early to head home. I was so tired that night we skipped normal dinner plans and made breakfast for dinner (Bailey’s ¬†favorite) and watched a movie after.

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Spring break day 6

This morning we got up and picked up the house a bit. We finished all of our house chores about 10:15 and then read books and played in the playroom until lunch time. It was a relaxing morning again, no rushing!

After lunch we were off to the last day of ballet camp. I had little brother again but daddy got to come and watch (and take little brother) for part of the time. I think that was the best part for the girls, daddy was able to come watch.

Later on they had soccer practice again. Little brother and I were able to join. I hoped him running after the ball would make him sleep that night (it didn’t).

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Spring break day 7

Another morning getting to do whatever we wanted. It was really nice! We played all morning and then had lunch. Joel came home at lunch and we all drove out to the sand dunes to go sledding. We arrived around 2:30 pm. The girls were so excited. Little brother loved the sand just not on his feet. We tried our first sledding on a low hill, didn’t go anywhere so we found a higher hill and tried it. Joel went first to test it out. He was quickly followed by Brooke and Bailey. Mason and I went down once together and then he went again with dad. After four times sliding down and climbing back up, the girls were exhausted! So we cleaned up and headed home .

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The final two days of spring break

We played at the house all day over the weekend. The girls got to ride their bikes with dad. He gave them each one on one time while they rode their bikes and played at the park. Mason got mom snuggle time, which is all he wanted.

Once it was warm in the afternoons, we pulled out the crazy sprinkler and let the kids have some water play. The girls knew what to do immediately but Mason was less depressed. We had to take him through the sprinkler. Let’s just say he is not a fan. However he is a fan of swim shorts and no shirts.

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