Spring Break Plans

Spring Break is next week. We will be staying home this Spring Break. Even though we don’t have big plans for a trip, I have some small things planned for our Spring Break.

We usually spend spring break playing, relaxing, and being a bit lazy. This spring break we may do a little homeschool work. With all the sickness that we have had in our house, we have missed two weeks of homeschool lessons. So we could use some extra time to work on it. We will be having fun activities after lessons.

I have a few ideas for different activities for Spring Break for free trips out of the house.

Free Activities for Kids

Picnic At The Park

My kids love doing this. It’s so fun to take a blanket and a picnic lunch to the park. Have a little lunch and play time before going home for naps (for the baby).

Trip to the Library

The local library is a fun and free place to visit. Some charge you to check out books but not all of them. Most libraries have story times, especially during spring break and summer vacation. Ours will have an animated story time each week on the same day, so it’s a lot of fun for the kids to go. They listen to the story and then have a craft afterwards.

Checking out books is a fun thing for kids as well. They get to pick out a book to borrow and read at home. This may be something you want to do for older children because of the responsibility of taking care of the book. I usually keep borrowed books away from my kids possession and always in mine so I am okay with borrowing books they pick out.


Visit different parks and playgrounds around town. We have several parks and playgrounds around our town that we can go to. Since everyone is off during the week, it might be more crowded but first thing in the morning is usually a calmer time at the park. We like the 8:30 -10:00 am time frame for a park visit. Our parks around town have different types of equipment. So visiting a different park each day would give different experience each day.

Duck Pond

A visit to the duck pond to feed the ducks. This is a favorite past time for my whole family. Word of caution, make sure that you are allowed to feed the ducks. We had one park with signs that said it was not permitted and you could be fined if caught. So be careful when choosing where to feed the ducks.

Outdoor Activities

Sometimes staying at home is just as fun for our family. Here are some at home outdoor activities.

Sandbox Fun

My kids love playing in their sandbox. We have tonka dump trucks, sand buckets, and a sand digger for them to use in their sandbox. My husband added a shade cover for their sandbox to give them shade on those really warm days.

Sand and Water Table

This is something you can diy very easily. Before we had an actual sand and water table, we used large tubs to put sand and water in for play time. I would set the tub with water and/or sand on their picnic table and let them explore. You can use this for fun learning time as well. We make Quicksand in the tubs and do sink and float experiments. The kids love it and its a great outside activity for all ages.

Water Gun Fight

If your kids are old enough to use a water gun, this is a blast for kids in the spring and summer time. My kids can spend an hour filling up and squirting each other with water guns.


Play hopscotch on the sidewalk or back patio. This can be done with sidewalk chalk and a rock. Very simple and fun for kids to play.

Trampoline Ball Bounce

I found this at a gymnastics party that we went to a few months ago. They had the big bouncy balls (the big rubber balls you find at walmart and target in the ball bins) in the trampoline. The kids would bounce up and down and the balls would bounce with them. This is not a game to play when kids are doing jumps and flips on the trampoline. This is just a fun bouncing game that little ones can enjoy.

Hide and Seek

This is fun to play with my kids. They love it when their dad and I play hide and seek with them in the backyard. Little brother likes to play along as well. He is not great at hiding but loves seeking.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can create a nature scavenger hunt or use this one for a fun activity outside. This is a wonderful activity for getting your kids to see nature and learn about their environment.

Indoor Activities

We have a few days of chilly rainy weather expected next week so I have a few indoor activities planned as well.

Movie Time

We have a ton of kids movies and what better time to enjoy some of them than during Spring Break. We can pop some popcorn, have out our “pillow-pads” and blankets to relax and watch a movie together.

Board Games

My girls are old enough to play board games now and they LOVE to play them. We have around 10 preschool board games that they absolutely love to play. Having an afternoon of board games is something that they would love!


We have wooden puzzles, foam puzzles, and small piece puzzles for the kids to play with. This is something that kids of all ages can enjoy. I like to set up a puzzle station for each kid. They have their own zoned area where they can sit and put together puzzles. I’m usually with little brother when he is putting together puzzles because he wants the one on one attention. My girls are able to put together puzzles by themselves but enjoy showing off their hard work.

Camp Outs

Having a camp out in their bedroom, living room, or playroom is always a fun option. My girls ask for a camp out at least once a week but I try to save this for a weekend of time off activity. They have a small kid tent that we put up and let them camp out in a tent. We have also let them have their sleeping bags in their playroom.

Build Forts

Take sheets and blankets to make fun forts and leave them up all week long. I love watching them get creative with their forts and tents that they build. I have to let go of my clean-freak issues during this time to allow them to keep the tent out for more than a day. They definitely love it when they can keep it out and play multiple days with their fort.

Coloring Books and Other Quiet Time Activities

Coloring books, quiet boxes, and toys are always a fun option for those moments trapped inside. I try to keep a few toys put up that we bring out to play with during those moments. They are our “rainy day” toys that make those days special too.

Other options that we may do next week on Spring Break.

Kid Camps

Children’s Museum

Visit the local children’s museum or other museums. This is not a free activity but it’s one that kids can enjoy for hours.


Visiting the zoo is another great option to get out of the house during Spring Break. We love taking the kids to the zoo. This can take up an entire day of Spring Break so it’s a great option.

Kid Camps

A lot of places host camps for part of spring break. We have seen soccer camps, ballet camps, swim camps, and day camps around our town. I have signed the girls up for a ballet camp which is four days, an hour and a half long each day. It’s going to introduce them to ballet and see if it is something they want to do.


So what are we going to be doing this Spring Break???

Well, we will be doing ballet camp four days. We will take a quick trip out to the sand dunes to go sand sledding one of the spring break days. I plan to spend some time at the park with a possible picnic and playdate. I hope to take them to the children’s museum for one morning of our spring break time. Then we will have planned play activities around the house for the remaining of the week. The girls will have soccer practice twice that week so that will take up some of our time as well.

We are looking forward to a relaxing (and hopefully healthy) week at home. Playing and enjoying our time at home. (I hope!) As we all know, we can plan to make a vacation as perfect and fun as possible but that doesn’t always happen just as we plan. So be sure to check back and see how our spring break actually went.


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