Soccer Camp

 This past spring my girls started their first season of soccer. They loved playing soccer, although the games did not show that they did at all. Bailey and Brooke both wanted to sign up again this fall. We knew that they needed to have some practice before the season began so we signed them up for a soccer camp this summer.

The soccer camp was on kicking for their age group. This camp was a Monday through Friday camp, an hour each day. Soccer camp came at the best time for us this year. It was the same week that they were framing the new addition to our house. Soccer camp gave us time away for about an hour and a half each day.

Monday was the day that all kids were checked in and met their coaches for the week. Between all of the announcements and finding leaders, it took a third of the practice time which made camp a little shorter this day. While the girls were in camp, Mason and I went to the playground at the soccer fields and played on the playground. It was nice mommy time for just he and I.

Tuesday started straight into camp mode since we already knew who their coach was and where they were practicing. Each day they had kicking games and worked on strategies with kicking. The games were red, yellow, green light. They had a cat and dog dribbling game, and passing techniques with partners. Most of the games were designed to help the children increase their speed while dribbling the ball. This is a skill that both of my girls need help with.

Overall, they loved the week of soccer camp and especially their coach.

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