Road Trips Down Memory Lane

As we enter the season of road trips I am reminded of road trips that I made with my parents as a child. The most memorable road trip was our long drive to Indiana to get my step-sister one summer. She would come to stay with us for a month or two during her summer vacation. Usually she flew but this year my parents wanted to take a road trip and visit some places along the way.

This was a time when it was recommended that you wore a seat belt in the back, but not as enforced as now. My parents had a suburban that they would lay down the middle row seats. We would sleep or play car games in the middle area. I remember having several travel games for our road trips. These games included car bingo, don’t wake daddy, travel sorry, and more.

The drive to Indiana took us 3-4 days, maybe less but it seemed like a long time, each way. We would stay in KOA cabins. My mom chose these cabins because they had parks and activities that we could play outside when we would stop. We stopped at the Mammoth cave and took that tour through the cave.

Vacation road trips were very different from now. Now you have to stay in your seat belt. As a parent, I am constantly looking for a safe place to stop and let the girls move around. There are more travel gadgets and electronics for the car. My girls have portable DVD players and tablets that they can use while we drive to keep them entertained. I’m sure my parents would have loved to let us watch movies while we drove to keep us quiet for hours.

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