Preschool Lesson: Pinkalicious

This week’s Preschool Theme is Pinkalicious.


Circle Time

Color – Brown (pink and purple for this week)

Days of the week: Move the days of the week

Song – he song from Reading the Alphabet

Weather Bear: Dress the weather bear for today’s weather.




PinkaliciousRead Aloud: Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann

Letter U Book from Reading the Alphabet

For this activity we are going to do a picture walk to introduce this book. Then we will circle the sight word every time we see the book. As we circle our new sight word, we will say the word.

Sight Word Poke Page from Reading the Alphabet

This week’s sight word is the word ‘he’.

For this activity we are going to take a toothpick and poke holes all around the sight word. Once we are done we will place the paper up to a window to let the light come through the paper.

I Spy with U Picture Cards from Reading the Alphabet

This we are going to make into a game. First we will spread all of the cards on the floor. Then we will play “I Spy” with the syllable sounds clapping as you say the words.


Read Aloud: Pinkalicious and Aqua the Mini-Mermaid by Victoria Kann Aqua the mini mermaid

Letter U Book from Reading the Alphabet

This is the second day that we use this book. So today we are going to look through the pictures again. As we look through the pictures we will identify the initial sounds of the words. When we finish our initial sounds, I will read to them the first pages and then allow them to finish the story for me.

Pocket Chart Book from Reading the Alphabet

For this activity we will need a pocket chart. I am going to place the sentences in the pocket chart and read the text aloud. I am going to use a pointer to point to the words as I read them. After each sentence, my children can add the picture that goes with it. When we complete all of the sentence strips, they will each take turns reading the sentences.

Rhyming Mat from Reading the Alphabet

For this activity we will take the rhyming mat picture and the small pictures. We will look at each picture and name them. The ones that rhyme with the top picture will be glued to the mat.


purpliciousRead Aloud: Purplicious by Victoria Kann

Letter U Book from Reading the Alphabet

We are going to start our day by re-reading this book together. Then I will sit with each child on their own and listen to them read the books.

Pocket Chart Book from Reading the Alphabet

This is the second day that we have used the pocket chart book. Today we will start with me reading the sentences to them. Again, they will add the pictures to the sentence strips. Then they will take turns reading the story to me.

Syllable Count and Clip from Reading the Alphabet

This activity is going to be a game for us. We are going to lay down each card one by one. I will start by clapping out each syllable. For example “tur-tle” is two claps. I will repeat each word with claps one time. The second time I will have them clap with me as we say the word together. Then I will ask them how many claps was that? Once they tell me how many claps, we will take the clothespin and clip it onto the number.

Once we go through all of the cards, I am going to give them to the girls and let them try it by themselves.

Sight Word Wall

Today we will add our sight word to the word wall.

*Here are a few other Read Alouds for you to choose from.

Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious flower girl by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples by Victoria Kann




Today we are using our Learn the alphabet workbook and Manuscript Writing for the letter U. The girls are writing the letter U and identifying letters in it on page 36 in the Learning the alphabet workbook. In our Manuscript Writing page we are completing the letter U on page 22.

*I have them work in the workbooks during this time because it allows me time to transition and take care of their brother.


Today we are practicing writing the letter U on their handwriting paper.

Writing story:

This week we are writing a story that starts as “If I were Pinkalicious…” This is going to be a favorite for my daughter. She LOVES Pinkalicious. For my other daughter, I am going to change it to Purplicious because she loves the color purple.

*Remember to encourage them to write the words first.


Today the girls will be doing the Print Awareness from Reading the Alphabet. For this activity they will need to trace the picture and letter. Then they will help me cut out the sentences and mix up the words. They then will help me reassemble the sentences so that they read correctly. We will glue them onto a piece of paper.




Center 1: Trace the Letter U from Reading the Alphabet

Center 2: Lacing Cards from Reading the Alphabet

Center 3: Letter Picture Cards from Reading the Alphabet

  • For this activity, the girls will sort the beginning sounds with letters and pictures. Then they will place the cards into the pocket chart with the letter book pocket chart versions.

Center 4: 20 Grid from Reading the Alphabet

  • For this math activity, they will roll a die, then count the number rolled. Place that number of small objects on the board, starting at the top left and continuing until the board is full.


Center 1: Letter U Coloring Page from Reading the Alphabet

  • Today they will color the pictures that start with this letter.

Center 2: Sight word Maze from Reading the Alphabet

Center 3: Initial Picture Sort from Reading the Alphabet

  • Place the letter cards at the top of your pocket chart. Shuffle the initial picture cards. Go through each picture naming the object like this “/b/ /b/ balloon. Child needs to identify the beginning sounds

Center 4: Numbers 1 – 10 Dot Page from Reading the Alphabet

  • This activity needs to start with shuffling the number cards. The child picks a card and turns it over, identifying what the number is. Then they find that same number on their dot page and cover it up with an object. Continue until all the numbers have been identified.


Center 1: Sight word search

  • Today we are going to find all of this week’s sight word, see, in a word search and circle it with our favorite marker.

Center 2: Tracer Page

  • For this page, we are going to trace the sight word on this page.

Center 3: Sight word wall

  • Read the sight words on the wall using the pointer. I have included other words that they recognize such as our family members names and pets names.

Center 4: Pattern Cards

  • For this activity we are going to use the picture cards to create picture patterns. These picture cards match our letter this week. Your child can cut the pictures out with you or you can do it ahead of time to save time (which is what I did).




Today we are going to graph goldfish using the chart from Stay At Home Educator.


Today we are going to graph dinosaurs using this chart Dinosaurs Preschool Packet.


Today we are going to play the graphing game Dot and Dice from Moms Have Questions Too.



This week we are going to do the Up Up and Away adapted from Mess For Less.



  • Helium filled balloons on string (5-10 depending what you have in the bag)
  • Small bag with handles or something light you can tie balloons onto
  • Something inside that bag to lift up


  1. Put an object into the bag. Tie the balloons to the bag.
  2. Then see if they will lift. Start with a small amount of balloons and add one each time until the bag lifts up off the ground.
  3. Document to show what happens.


Role Play

This week they will be having a pink and purple party.


social studies

This week’s theme is Pinkalicious (and purple too). Today we are going to play the Pinkalicious bingo from Kid Scraps.



This week we will be creating Pink Foam Paintings.


Red and white paint

liquid glue

shaving cream




  1. Mix the red and white together to make pink.
  2. Then add equal parts of the liquid glue and shaving cream.
  3. Take the paint and paint a picture with the foam paint.


play learn grow together

I hope that you enjoy this lesson plan for Pinkalicious!

Come back next week to see our lesson on the theme Opposites.

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