Polar Express

On Saturday our elf on a shelf, Belle, arrived with surprise tickets to the polar express train ride. Two hours north of our home town, a train company takes children and their parents on a polar express train ride. It’s an hour long train ride that takes them to the “North Pole”. 
This was a huge surprise for the girls. When we came across this train ride, we knew we had to go. Brooke had been asking us for weeks, prior to ordering the tickets, to go on a train ride. She had seen a train ride on television or in a book and was obsessed with the idea. Then one day while looking on facebook, a neighbor liked the polar express ride that was only two hours away. I immediately told Joel about the ride and we quickly decided that this was something we needed to do. 
We chose to have their elf on a shelf arrive with the tickets because it fit with our theme for elf on a shelf this year, family. A few days before the surprise train ride, the elf brought the girls their very own christmas elf pajamas. These were perfect to wear on the train ride to the north pole. 
Tickets were on will call at the train station, so I created some golden polar express tickets to present to the girls on that day. 
We had to explain to them what this meant. They were so excited. We had a 2 hour drive to get there so we left our house around 2 pm to make sure that we made it in time for check in. On the drive there we let the girls watch The Polar Express movie so that they understood what was going to happen. 
The train ride lasted an hour and included hot cocoa and cookies with singing and dancing. We stopped at the “North Pole” and Santa and his elves joined us on the train. Santa visited each child along with his elves. The elves spent some time getting to know the children as we rode back to the station. It was a wonderful memory for them. 
Here are some pictures from the train ride and the fun times that we had. 

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