Picking Halloween Costumes

I still can’t believe it is already October. In our home that means Halloween Costumes. The girls are starting to show interest in picking their own costumes which is a bit scary to me. You never know what they are going to want for Halloween Costumes.

Luckily this year I was able to help them choose a costume. In past years I was very particular about picking out a costume that could be a dress up outfit as well. I hate to spend money on something that was only for one use. This year is not going to be any different. The girls have light up butterfly wings, tutus and leotards already. So I talked to them about being fairies for Halloween this year. I ordered embroidered flowers to sew on to the tutu and leotards to bring in the floral aspect. The leotards are black so I wanted to add color to bring the costume together. They have some wooden wands that they plan to carry as a fairy wand. I will create a fairy floral tiara.

For Mason, I chose for him to be a cowboy. We have chaps and a vest but they do not fit. So I ordered a cowboy costume off of Amazon. His costume will have a vest, chaps, bandana. I will add his cowboy hat and put everything over a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and boots. I can’t wait to see him in his little cowboy outfit! We went with this because it didn’t require a mask or hood. He doesn’t not like hats generally so he may not wear the cowboy hat. I’m hoping he will! The rest of the outfit is still recognizable without the hat which is why I went with it.

I’ll be posting pictures later when they are all dressed up.

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