Our Trip to the Zoo

A year ago we took Mason on his fi rst trip to the zoo. We loaded all three kids up and drove to the “local” zoo, which is actually two hours away from our town.

Well, it just so happened that we chose to go to the zoo on the same day we did last year. (A gr-teat coincidence). This was a surprise for the kids. Once again, we loaded them up in the car and set out to drive the two hour trip to the zoo. About an hour and a half in Bailey and Brooke both started asking where we were going. They thought we were going shopping around town and did not understand why daddy was still driving us to the store. We had not told them anything about where we were going, they just made an assumption and we let their little imaginations get creative. It was comical to Joel and I both that it took them that long to notice that we were still driving.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the zoo around noon, the girls knew exactly where we were and what we were going to do. They were so excited and could not wait to get inside to see the animals. Mason was just excited to get out of the car. 🙂

Our zoo is much smaller than what I grew up visiting but we still enjoy going. You can walk the entire zoo in two hours or less. My children like to walk slowly through the different exhibits so it takes us a little longer. We don’t mind though because their expressions with each animals is so fun to watch.

We traveled around the zoo seeing the birds, flamingos, small monkeys, lions, cheetahs, tigers, zebras, and a few other small animals. Their favorite exhibit is the newest one at our zoo, the giraffe habitat. A few years ago the zoo renovated the girafee habitat to allow visitors to feed the giraffes. They created a jungle themed hut that you walk up ramps to, and the giraffes walk up to be fed leaves. You had the giraffe a leaf and it reaches out with it’s long tongue and snatches it out of your hand. The girls love feeding the giraffes. We went through the exhibit twice. The first time Mason was not interested in the giraffes or feeding time. The second time he let me hold him while I fed the leaf to the giraffe. He had no interest in holding the leaf or getting too close to the large animal. Maybe next time he will feed the giraffe. Or in a year or so! 😉

In the short three hours we were at the zoo they walked around and around, including Mason. The girls would walk around to the exhibits and Mason would run around hoping we would chase him. It’s nice having a smaller zoo for him to run like this. There wasn’t a ton of people there so he could do some slight roaming and not be stuck in the stroller the entire time. By the time we left the zoo they were all tired which was nice because it was a two hour drive back home.

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