Our 9 Month Old Boy!!!

Mason turned 9 months old  October 8th. Things have changed so much in this last month! It’s true what they say, “If you blink, they are grown.” Well, in one month this little boy has “grown” so much.

Watch Him Grow

Weight:  21 lbs 5 oz

Height:    28.7 inches

He is wearing 12 month clothes. He is wearing size 3 diapers.

What He Can Do

This is based on the list in What To Expect: The First Years.

Mason has been crawling for the past month. He is all over the place now.

In the past few weeks, he has started pulling up to standing position and is now starting to cruise a little on the furniture. We have even had a moment or two when he has stood up without holding on to things. Of course, Joel and I both freeze wide-eyed waiting to see what happens next. With all this movement, I am afraid he is going to be walking very soon. This momma is not ready for that.

He is also feeding himself small table food. He loves cheerios! He would eat them all of the time if he could. He will eat bananas, avocados, yogurt melts, and baby puffs as well.

We are still giving him baby food but in stage 3 which includes some solids. He is not a fan of the chunky food and will often spit it out. We have tried some meat and he did not like the texture. I think he will have to grow into liking meat.

Mason’s vocabulary is growing. He now says daddy, mama, baba, do (for dog), and we have heard him say something similar to Bailey or baby when he was referring to his sister. He is mimicking our sounds and words now. Most of his day includes a lot of chatter, he loves to talk. This amazes me because I assumed he was the third child to two chatty sisters and would never have time to talk but he joins in with the chatty children.

Babywise Schedule

I feel like Mason’s sleep schedule has never been normal, no matter how hard we try.

7:00 AM – Get up, change him, get him dressed and feed him  6 oz bottle.

7:30 AM – Change his diaper again and feed him fruit and cereal for breakfast. He likes this time because he has breakfast with his big sisters.

9:00 AM – He has a snack (finger foods) and then goes down for a nap, most days.

10:00 AM – He wakes from his nap.

11:00 AM – He has a  diaper change and has a 6 oz bottle.

11:30 or 12:00 – He has vegetables and cereal.

12:30 PM – He goes down for another nap.

2:30ish – He wakes from his nap. We are usually rushing out the door to pick up his sisters by this time so he has to wake up.

3:00 PM – Diaper change and 8 oz bottle and another snack (finger foods) if he is still hungry.

5:30 PM – He has a dinner meal with cereal then has finger foods while we eat at 6.

7:00 PM – He has bath time.

8:00 PM – He has a 7-8 oz bottle and then he is down for bedtime.

Current issue – 3:00 AM “wake” time where is tosses and turns in his bed moaning and whimpering for about two hours before going back to sleep. Usually this involves one or both of us getting up to comfort him and get him back to sleep around 5 AM. I keep telling myself that someday he will sleep all night. I’m hoping that someday is soon.

Now for the best part…Pictures! I hope you enjoy his slideshow!

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