Our 3rd Week of Adventures with Elf Belle

This was our third week with Elf Belle in our home. She always brings such joy and something to look forward to throughout this holiday season. I have to admit, I enjoy the extra fun things that we are doing as a family.

Family Game Night

“I hope you enjoyed your trip to the North Pole. I love riding on the Polar Express. Tonight enjoy a family game night.”

We had fun playing board games as a family. The girls loved it and Mason enjoyed chewing on the pieces. Some games we had to wait until he was napping to play.



Marshmallow Bath

“I’m tired from my flgiht to the North Pole last night to see Santa. I’m relaxing in this wonderful marshmallow bath.”

For this activity, elf Belle was found in their Doc McStuffins pet vet bath tub filled with tiny marshmallows. She was covered in the tiny marshmallows and held an elf magazine to read in the bath. You can find the elf magazine here at Elf on the Shelf.

Marshmallow Bath.png


Christmas Program

“I heard you have a Christmas Program today at school. I can’t wait for you to come home and tell me about it.”

Bailey and Brooke had a Christmas program at their preschool this day. They came home and told Belle about their program and how much fun it was.



Gingerbread House

“I brought you another gift today. Make this gingerbread house with your family.”

We have built gingerbread houses for the past two years so this was a fun activity to continue this year. I gave Mason some icing to play with on his high chair tray while we built the gingerbread house.


Gingerbread House.JPG


Another Gift from Belle

“Christmas stories are the best. Have fun reading this one I brought you as a family tonight.”

We received the story Christmas in Texas from Belle today. The kids loved hearing this new story. They loved it so much, they wanted it read multiple times that day.



Reindeer Cupcakes

“You have worked hard all week at school. So I brought you these cupcakes to make. Save me one!”

Belle left out cake mix, chocolate icing, candy eyes, m&ms, nilla wafers, and pretzels for us to make reindeer cupcakes. I got the idea from Your Cup of Cake.



Movie Date with Dad

“Can we please watch this movie? It’s one of my favorites!!”

I was out of town over the weekend so I had easy tasks for Belle set up for Joel to complete. This one was a movie date with dad. He popped popcorn and they enjoyed How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Elf Story together.

Movie Night.JPG


Hot Chocolate Date

“Brr… It’s cold outside. Let’s have some hot chocolate to warm us up. Want some marshmallows?”

On this morning they found Elf Belle sitting on the hot chocolate box.  This was a perfect idea for this day because it was 25 degrees outside and miserable. They had a special hot chocolate date with dad while mom was gone. They love hot chocolate!



Come back to see our final week with Belle.

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