Non-Candy Easter Ideas

As a child, I remember being so excited for the Easter bunny and the basket of goodies. Of course the basket had candy, candy, and more candy. With all the candy and sweets from other holidays, we don’t want more sweets for the girls.

I have created a list of toddler appropriate non-candy basket ideas.


·         Activity books
·         Balls
·         Barrettes or Hair accessories
·         Bath toys
·         Bath tub crayons
·         Bubbles
·         Crayons
·         Coloring book
·         Pretend jewelry
·         Fruit snacks
·         DVDs
·         Stickers
·         Puzzles
·         Play-dough


·         Pretzels
·         Sunglasses
·         Sun Hat
·         Stuffed animals
·         Teddy grahams
·         Easter books
·         Bunny ears
·         Cars/trucks
·         Doll accessories
·         Dress up accessories
·         Umbrella
·         Sidewalk chalk
·         Sun bucket and shovel
·         Legos


·         Squirt guns
   You could also do a themed basket. Here are some ideas of themes for Easter baskets.
      Beach theme
      Lego Theme
      Disney theme
      Doll theme
      Summer theme
      Princess theme
      Sports theme
      Dress up theme

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