The New Addition: Week 3

We are three weeks into this home remodel project. I love the progress that we have seen over the past few weeks. Week three was no disappointment on the progress either. Even with the rain, they were able to make progress on the new spaces.

Monday morning started with a whole crew of people arriving at our house. We had demolition crew removing the existing tile in the laundry room. There was a crew of framers who were framing the wall to the bathroom, office space, and my new laundry area. The other group of men was the roofers who had to work quickly to get the new shingles on before the rain started. The new space is now connected to my house so we hear every detail, every single thing that they are doing. It’s very loud!

Tuesday continued with framing inside the new space. They had to work on framing in the new bathroom and closet spaces. Plumbing for the new bathroom was run on Tuesday. It’s starting to look more like separated spaces.

On Wednesday the electrician came out to take care of all of our electrical work. He wired all of the new plugs and moved old plugs to the new locations. We hit our first official bump in the project this day when our contractor informed us that the brick was out of stock at our local supplier. The location of the brick is in Arkansas but they did not anticipate being able to get it for a few weeks. This delays finishing the exterior and the final inspection of the project.

A panoramic view of the new space!

Thursday the electrician continued working on our house.  They worked until about lunch time until the inspector arrived for the electrical inspection.  The electrical meter box where the electricity enters our house was in the middle of the new room, so it had to be relocated to the side of our house. This meant that we had to call our electricity service company out to have a power disconnect and then reconnect this day, or that was the plan for Thursday. When the service company arrived, they decided that they were not going to complete this project that day using the excuse that the inspection was not marked in the system. They told me that they would reschedule for the next day. This made me extremely nervous because power left off after 5 pm is not put back on until the next business day, in this case would be Monday. Hearing that it had to be the next day really stressed me out.

Friday morning started about 8:30 am when the service company came back out. I saw the man in the back yard and called the contractor to let him know they were there. He sent the electricians out to start the project and shut off. When they arrived we discovered that the service company left, without any notice and without cutting the power. The electricians had to wait for thirty minutes before leaving for another job and unable to complete our house. At 11 am the service company came back to actually complete the project. I was able to get the electricians back out to our house quickly to finish this project. The entire shut off took a little over an hour. I was glad that part was over but I was also confused as to why they couldn’t finish the project on Thursday as planned.

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