The New Addition: Week 2

We are in full remodel mode now. Two weeks have gone by and our house is changing so much! This week started on Monday with the framing of the exterior walls and putting up the insulated plywood for the majority of the exterior walls. I was completely shocked to find how much they got done in that first day. We left for our mid day activities and came home to walls in our new space.

Tuesday started a little slower. They worked hard all day but it was slower progress for us to see. All of the brick was removed from the exterior wall. They framed in the wall for the closet and half bathroom. The rest of the time was clean up time from the demolition of the wall.

Wednesday was another huge progress day. They began framing the roof and putting up plywood on the exterior of the walls and roof. We officially had a closed in space on Wednesday! I could not believe the amount of change that happened in this week.

Thursday and Friday they continued with demolition inside our house. They broke out the wall, added the doors and windows to the new exterior wall. By Friday, the new space was enclosed and part of our existing house. Our contractor asked us to start painting the new siding on Saturday because the roofers would be there the next work day to put on the new roof.

Coming Up:

Home Addition Week 3
Soccer Camp
Swim Lessons

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