My First Applesauce

This recipe requires 6 medium Golden Delicious Apples washed, quartered and the core cut before cooking. In the book, “Mommy Made and Daddy too!” they suggest steaming the cut apples in a steam pot with boiling water. They also suggest the microwave. For all of my baby food I opted for the microwave version. This is how I made the applesauce, which varies from what the book suggests.  I purchased a microwavable steaming basket to steam all of the fruits and vegetables.

I peeled the apples, cored them, and cut them into large chunks. I put the apple pieces into the steaming basket with some water in the bottom of the basket. I microwaved the apples for 9 minutes. I let them cool for 1 minute and then put them in the blender. I have a food processor as well. The blender worked better for me because it was able to hold all of the apples. I blended them until they were the right consistency for applesauce. Depending on how thick you want your applesauce can determine whether or not you put water in the mixture.

After a month or so of the girls eating the applesauce I added spices to it. The main spice I added was cinnamon. For a little while, it was fine until Brooke started to show allergies to cinnamon. This is a great way to introduce spice to your children’s diet. I was scared to put spice in their diet at first but someone pointed out to me that most foods have spices so it would be good for them to have early exposure. Other than cinnamon, the girls have been able to tolerate the spices.

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