My Babies Are 11 Months Old

Well, the girls are 11 months old now. Brooke has one tooth and another one breaking through. Bailey is still teething like crazy but has not had any come through. They both LOVE to be outside! They go to the back door and bang on the door trying to go outside. They get mad when we do not let them go out. They have officially upgraded to their big girl car seats this past month. They love being able to sit up and see out the windows. Bailey is currently 28 1/2 inches and weighs 21.2 lbs. She has not gained much this month but is very active so I think that is why she hasn’t gained the weight. Brooke is 29 inches  and weighs 22. 2 lbs. She also has not gain much this month. Both girls are crawling and pulling up on everything. They love to crawl into the kitchen and try to make it to the laundry room. 

Bailey is doing really good on her therapy. Her therapist said that she should only have about two more months of stretching before it stops. They will continue to see her until January because she is under services until then. I have started them on whole milk. I was told by their doctors that they needed to be on whole milk at a year. So, I started Saturday giving them 1 oz of whole milk in their formula bottles. We will continue to increase up until their birthday which will then switch to nothing but milk. They are growing so fast and changing every day. I have found myself looking at their pictures over the past few months and feeling the disbelief that my sweet angels turn a year old in a few weeks. 

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