Mason’s First Day of MDO

It’s officially midway through September and that means that school has started. The girls have been in Kindergarten for almost a month now and even my little man has started his first day of Mother’s Day Out.

Mason started mother’s day out on Thursday, September 7, which means that he has had four days of mother’s day out now. Based on the teacher’s notes and how he is when I pick him up, he is enjoying the time at school. However, drop offs are much more dramatic.

Every mother’s day out morning, he gets really excited about his back pack being loaded up. He wants to wear his backpack to the car and into school. As we walk into school, I’m not ready for drop off line for him, he starts to slow down his walk. Almost pulling me back because he knows what is happening, even though he is still walking forward. Everything is fine until we enter his classroom and then the waterworks begin. Most days I have to pry him off of me and give him to the teacher to hold. It’s a horrible feeling each time I drop him off and almost brings me to tears. I love having him there and know that he is going to learn so much during his time at this Mother’s Day out but watching him cry is hard for me.

I know that over time he will learn to love the Mother’s Day out program just as his sisters did. I’m ready for no more tears.

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