Mason is 5 Months Old!

Mason was 5 months old on June 8th. I have to admit, I’m missing him as a tiny baby. I love his little personality but that newborn baby is something I miss.

During this fourth month, Mason has regressed back to earlier sleep schedules. You can read about those here at Four Month Sleep Regression.

Our family seems to have adjusted to having a new baby. The girls are growing into wonderful big sisters. Bailey loves to help change his diaper, pick out his clothes (she is our fashinonista after all), and  give him a bath. She even will play dress up with him from time to time. (Poor Mason!) Brooke loves to play with him! She rushes by his side if he cries, hoping to comfort him. She really knows how to make him smile. His face lights up any time he sees his big sisters. It really is the sweetest love I have ever seen.

What Him Grow

Mason seems so big to me. The girls were preemies but they were fairly big at this age but Mason is bigger! His current measurements are:

Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz

Height: 27 inches (He has grown 2 inches every month for the past few months).

You can see the girls size at this age here at 5 Month.

He is wearing 6 month clothes. He can still wear 3-6 month shorts and a few sleepers. He is wearing size 3 diapers.

What He Can Do

Mason has started to enjoy being on his tummy now. He can push himself all the way up to look around. He loves to have you push his feet against your hands allowing him to scoot across the floor. Movement is something he is very curious about.

He loves to stand, supported, on our laps. He will try to jump when standing. His legs are becoming really strong, probably because of the jumperoo. I think he will be on the move within the next few months.

He loves to roll to his side and from there over to his tummy. He doesn’t roll over from his tummy much. I work with him on that but he has no interest in rolling that way. He sleeps on his side or back most of the time.

A few other things from the 5 months list from What To Expect First Year:

  • says vowel consonant sounds like “ah-goo” (His favorte is ayah)
  • squeals in delight
  • makes razz sound (wet sound when babbling)
  • turns to look when someone is talking
  • keeps his head level with his body when pulled to sitting
  • holds head stead when sitting upright
  • pays attentin to tiny objects (out of his reach)
  • smiles randomly and at a person when they smile at him or talk to him
  • grasps toys in his hand
  • says ma-ma occassionally

Food He Has Tried

Last month I talked about starting baby food. This is the pattern we started with his baby food.

We started with rice cereal. I used breastmilk to mix the cereal. I made it very soupy to be a thicker version of breastmilk. Mason hated the taste and texture. We tried it for three days then took a three day break. He struggled with the food at first. He would spit it out while trying to move his tongue around. He really didn’t know what to do with it.

After the three days we tried sweet potatoes with rice cereal. He would gag when I gave him this. We tried it for two days then stopped because he couldn’t eat it without gagging. I think that part of this was my fault. I may have made the mixture too thick. It has been a long time since I made baby food so I was struggled to get back with the consistency.

*My pediatrician told us to include the cereal into the baby food so that he received the vitamins and iron from the cereal that food may not have.

Again we waited three days before trying a new food. This time it was apples. Here is the My First Applesauce recipe that I used. I mixed rice cereal with the apples, this time trying to make it thinner. He did not care for the apples. He would eat them and shake his head in disgust. He ate them for three days before we took another food break.

The next food he tried was carrots. He loved carrots! He ate them for four days. After that I started rotating sweet potatoes, apples, and cereal until it was time for the next food.

Pears were the next food to try. He loved pears! He would yell at me to give him more. This was one he ate over four days as well.

Our most recent try was squash. He seemed to like it. I think it has a mild taste so he doesn’t mind it. We are still trying this so the verdict is not complete on whether he likes it or not. He has had it for dinner two nights now so we still have two more to try.

This past week I have started feeding him fruit and cereal at breakfast and vegetable and cereal at dinner. He has had enough exposure to fruits and vegetables to try this and he seems to be getting hungrier throughout the day.

Babywise Schedule

Like I said before, this past month he was all over the place with his schedule. The past few days he has seemed to be moving back to a normal routine. I’m sharing with you this past week’s routine and what I am hoping he will continue.

6:30 AM – Wake up and babble for about 20 minutes in his bed. This wakes me up and gives me a few minutes to get around before going to get him. I change him and get him dressed before nursing him around 7 am. He nurses for about 15 minutes. He is usually very playful during this time and dying for my attention. He feels deprived because he hasn’t had mommy in a few hours.

8:00 AM – Change his diaper again and feed him fruit and cereal for breakfast. He likes this time because he has breakfast with his big sisters.

9:00 AM – He goes down for a nap. I have had to nurse him to sleep most mornings but occassionally I can just rock him to sleep with his pacifier and blanket.

10:00 AM – He wakes up from his nap and will nurse for about 10 minutes before wanting to play with his sisters. He thinks he is playing with them but usually he is just staring at them as they play next to him.

12:00 PM – He nurses again, this time for about 15 minutes.

12:30 PM – He lays down for a nap. Sometimes he will go down on his own but usually he wants to nurse during this time as well.

2:30ish – He wakes from his nap. He nurses for 15 – 20 minutes.

4:00 PM – He will try to take a little cat nap around this time on some days. Other days he doesn’t sleep again until bed time. If he naps it’s only for 45 minutes at most.

5:00 PM – He wants to nurse for a few minutes before I start dinner.

6:00 PM – He has vegetables and cereal while we eat dinner. He usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes to eat.

6:45 PM – He has bath time.

7:30 PM – Nurse and bedtime.

*Dream Feed: He will nurse somewhere between 12:30 and 2 am. This past month he nursed several times a night. It was exhausting! I am thankful to have one a night now. I am hoping to push it to the 11:30 time again so that we can eventually drop it altogether.

His next transition should be within the next month.


5 Months

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