Mason is 1!!!

Mason turned 1 year old on January 8th. I still can’t believe our baby boy turned one. The old saying “You blink and it’s gone” is so true. A year ago I was a mom to 3 year old twins and a new baby boy. My sweet boy has changed the most. I hope you can enjoy reading about his newest adventures as much as I have enjoyed experiencing them.

Watch Him Grow

Weight:   22 lbs (Or so the doctor says, but our scale shows different)

Height:     30 1/4 inches

He is wearing 18 month clothes. He is wearing size 4 diapers.

Mason is 71% for height and weight overall, measuring average height and weight compared to others. He seems so tall to me though. We put him up on Bailey’s measuring chart and he is almost the same height she was at 2 years old. We expect him to outgrow them quick.


What He Can Do

This is based on the list in What To Expect: The First Years.

Mason has been walking for over a month now. He is doing great with walking. He thinks that he can run and attempts to “run” from me every chance he can get. His favorite time to run from me is before diaper changes and right after a bath. We have a nightly naked running baby through the hall. It’s hilarious to him to have mommy or daddy chasing him to get his clothes and diaper on. His sisters join in on the laughter causing him to run even more. Once we catch him, he screams at us that he cannot run at the moment.

Mason is into everything. He loves to open drawers and cabinets. He gets angry with us that most of the cabinets are locked. The few that are not locked were never an issue until now. The girls had no interest in my bathroom cabinets or the drawers in the kitchen that hold lids or cutting boards. Mason, however, is fascinated by these drawers and insists on getting everything out of them to scatter across our house.

He is also fascinated by the trash cans, toilets and bathtubs. He has been known to throw things in the toilets, in the bathtubs (with or without water), and in the trash can. Luckily for us, he has not discovered that the toilet flushes yet so we have been able to salvage a few things. His favorite thing is to throw away his sisters stuff, especially their shoes. This does not go over well with them, as you can imagine.

His sisters’ bedroom is another fascination for him. He loves to go in their room and open their dresser drawers to pull their clothes out on the floor. As you are putting them away, he is pulling them right back out. Of course my first thought seeing their messy room was that they didn’t put away clothes or threw them all out searching for an outfit, that is until I saw Mason doing this in their room and in his. The girls are quickly learning that they have to put their things away if they do not want little brother to get it.

All of Mason’s new found freedom comes with a bit of drama in our house. His big sisters are not liking his new freedom as much and get quite frustrated that he takes their things. This of course leads to screaming, taking things away, more screaming by the baby, the occassional hitting by either party, and someone crying (quite possibly me). My house has become even louder than it was,  which is not something I thought could be possible. I’m hopeful that this stage leaves quickly.

Mason has found his voice, which is a wonderful thing at times. I love that he can “talk” and that he tries to communicate to us. He is baby signing for more and done at the table. It’s probably not what most people would consider technical sign language but he is able to express his needs which is important. He has a longer vocabulary list now. His words include ma-ma, da-da, bye-bye, yeah, sissy, dah (for dog), no, ba-ba, night-night and probably more that I can’t think of right now.  His usual response for communicating is to scream at me, which leads to him getting what he wants. Mom fail, I know; I am working on it!


Babywise Schedule

So last month I said that Mason was still waking up at night and that we figured out why. Ha ha! No we didn’t! This kid is still waking up and we have no idea why. I have tried uping his food, his milk, less nap time during the day, more nap time during the day (they say you need enough sleep or you won’t sleep). I have no clue why this kid wakes every single night by 3 am. And he screams for an hour until he stops. So we are officially letting him scream it out, which I hate doing. It’s hard to hear your baby cry at night like that but we have no other clue what to do. The crying it out phase has it’s consequences for us. Mason cries loud enough that he triggers his sister’s night terrors. So we have not one but two children crying in the night. I hate night time!

7:00 AM – Get up, get dressed and have breakfast and whole milk in a cup.

9:00 AM – He takes a nap for about an hour and a half to two hours.

11:00 AM – He wakes from his nap and has a  diaper change. Then it’s lunch with a milk cup.

2:00ish – He goes down for a nap (most of the week except two days a week when sisters are at school).

3:00 PM – Diaper change and whole milk with a snack.

6:00 PM – He has dinner with us.

7:00 PM – He has bath time.

8:00 PM – He has a 8 oz cup of milk and then he is down for bedtime.

Mason is officially off of the bottle and formula.


Mason’s 1st Birthday Party

Mason had a blast at his first birthday party. We had a Winter Onederland Party for him. This was a perfect theme for the very cold January day that his party was on. For his party we had a lot of frozen themed foods, a hot chocolate bar, and snowman soup for goody bags. Mason enjoyed opening presents and his first taste of cake.

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