Las Vegas Trip

A few weeks ago my younger sister got married in Las Vegas. Joel and I flew out two days before the wedding to have a little time there to do some sightseeing. I had never been to Las Vegas so I was excited to see what it was all about.

We arrived Thursday night pretty late and were exhausted (and a little frightened by the wreckless cab ride) by the time we reached the hotel. We checked in finding that our booked room was no longer available. They gave us a different room for the night. As we walked into the room we immediately had to leave and go back to get another one. This room smelt like a true vegas, partied too hard in room. It was horrible! So the hotel quickly changed our room. Thankfully this room was nicer than the other one. The next morning we switched to our original room that we had picked.

After switching rooms for the second time we wandered around the strip. We explored shops and Casinos all over the strip. We loved the M&M store, Hershey’s store, and stopping in front of the Statue of Liberty – Las Vegas. It was such a fun time spending time together. Of course just like majority of parents out there, we were more focused on things to get for our children and sending them pictures of our trip, than just focusing on a weekend kid-free.

Mid-day the rest of our family arrived so we visited with them a bit before heading out to explore some more.

That late afternoon we visited the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

I was a little disappointed by the wildlife. All that they had was koi fish and flamingos. I had hoped to see a few more animals.

From there we walked over to the High Roller Observation Wheel. On our way we stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes. Yes they are just as amazing as they advertise.

We got on the observation deck before sunset. I am terrified of heights so a glass ball going 600 feet into the air is absolutely terrifying to me. The only reasons I went on there was because Joel wanted to go and he is always trying to push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to experience new things. I tried to stand and look at the rim at the scenery but the moment I stood up I felt queasy. So most of the time I sat on a little bench in the middle looking from my seat. We did snap a quick picture of us up in the air before I had to sit back down.

On Saturday we got up to have a quick breakfast and then headed up to start getting ready for the wedding. Joel helped drop my stuff off at my sister-in-law’s room and then he headed to gamble until it was time for him to get ready. I spent the morning with a hair appointment, and helping get everything wrapped up for the wedding. Their ceremony was at 1:30 pm and was followed by a much needed, relaxing celebration of their marriage.

Later that evening Joel and I went over to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. I think that was my favorite part of Vegas. The fountains were absolutely beautiful.

Following the fountains we went to the dueling piano bar inside the Paris Hotel. I love piano bars and this one did not disappoint. We enjoyed a few songs, maybe about an hour, before we had to leave to head back to our room. I was not feeling well and needed to rest.

The following day we got up and had breakfast. Then we went shopping for a little while before gambling for about an hour. Basically we were using up time before having to head to the airport.

This being my first time to visit Vegas, I would say it was an okay city. I’m not sure that I will go back anytime soon.

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