Holding Our Hands For Just a Little While…But Our Hearts For A Lifetime

Mason has been walking for about 8 months now. I have tried for months to get him to hold my hand while we walk. Each time he refused to hold my hand until now. He is finally holding my hand and anyone who holds theirs out to walk with us. I find it so precious that he is holding my hand.

As I walked with him the other day after swim class, I held out my hand to have him hold it while we walked and he eagerly grabbed it smiling up at me. My heart filled with joy to have this precious time start with him. I remember when my girls started holding our hands as we would walk around places. I loved being about to hold their tiny hands!

My girls still hold my hand happily as we walk together but I know this day is going to be coming to an end at some point. They will reach an age where it is not cool to hold hands with their mom and I will miss those special moments. The grow so fast, from tiny sweet babies to entering Kindergarten in a month.

Our babies hold our hand for just a little while but our hearts for a lifetime. Always take treasure of those precious moments, they are gone before we know it.

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