Halloween Parties and Pumpkin Parade

Today’s post was supposed to be about Mason’s first pumpkin parade at Mother’s Day Out and his first Pumpkin party. Unfortunately, Mason was running a fever on Monday so he could not go and missed his pumpkin parade and party.

On Sunday Mason started running a low-grade temp, which never happens. Brooke already had a follow-up appointment with our pediatrician so I called and had him added to the appointment. By the time we got to the appointment Monday morning, his temp was 101.4. Mason has never run a fever so I was assuming that this was his first case of strep throat. The rapid test was negative but his throat was extremely red. So they gave him the diagnoses of hand, foot, mouth disease. Of course, I’m panicking because none of my kids have ever had this “disease”. I’ve seen cases of it and it is horrible!

I get home with him, after dropping Brooke off at school, and started disinfecting my entire house. Mason slept four hours that day. By the time he was up, the fever was gone. It’s Wednesday and he has been fever free since noon Monday and has not had any blisters appear on the outside of my body. At this point, I am thinking that this was a misdiagnosis. I don’t normally go against what the doctor says but this does not appear to be hand foot mouth AT ALL! So, I’m had him miss school Tuesday and will have him home again on Thursday as a precaution. But I’m thinking it’s nothing at this point.

We did go trick or treating Tuesday night. I will share with you the events of Tuesday night later this week.

Coming Up:

Trick or Treating Post

Changes to the blog:

I’m having some changes added to the blog. Instead of posting blog posts on Young Living essential oils or Usborne books, two of my passions, I’m going to be sharing Young Living products and Usborne books on my separate pages. I will include a link to the pages on a post after they go up.


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