Getting Ready for Fall

So I have to make a confession! I am a huge fall decoration obsessed person! I LOVE fall decorations! I cannot wait each year to set up my house for fall! (I’ve already set up for this year.)

Usually, I wait until September 21 on the dot, but this year I chose to go ahead and decorate for two reasons. #1: We have had a few days of cooler weather which shows signs of fall coming. #2: I was already in the attic and did not want to waste a trip up there. I think those are two great reasons to decorate 10 days early. 🙂

So how do I decorate for fall?

First thing I decorate each year is above my bookcase in the living room. I have a full wall bookcase that has about a foot from the top shelf to the ceiling open. I love to put a fall garland across the top of that. It brings a touch of color in my living room that I absolutely love! I then move on to my mantle, adding a fall runner, fall vases, and little pumpkins. I like to add small things the girls have made over the years to the bookcase to show on display. I keep telling myself I’m going to make a holiday shadow box to store and display each year but have not done that yet.

My final inside touches for fall come in the dining room with my pumpkins and candles. Then I move outside for my favorite place to decorate. My front porch! I love to put out my little scarecrows, one for each child. I place them on the wooden bench I have out front with a bale of hay underneath. Then I place wicker baskets all around the porch with more fall garland, displaying fall colored leaves in red, orange, brown, and yellows. My last display is to change out my wreath on my front door. This is one of my favorite wreathes that I have. It’s a scarecrow sitting in a wreath with a sign saying “happy fall yall”.

I know that I’m a complete decorating nerd but I LOVE to decorate my house and give it that special touch during the fall seasons!

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