Friday Moments

Last week I spent the entire week under the weather and unable to take care of my normal duties around the house. I was in need of a lot of help from my mom and husband. I am thankful to say that this week I am back to normal and back into our routine. We jumped back into that normal routine at a running pace. Between Bible studies, homework, and dance class, this week we have been slammed with crazy schedules.

But that was not all the excitement for the week!

Wednesday I got a call from the school nurse about mid-morning. Now I have to be honest I was somewhat expecting a phone call because it was my first day back to doing something I enjoy, so I had this feeling that I was going to be interrupted somehow. The phone call was not one I was prepared for. When she called and told me she had Bailey in the office I was expecting another nose bleed but instead, she said: “Bailey’s hand was smashed in a door at school and I’m not sure if she has broken her finger.” I talked to Bailey a moment later and she told me “Mom, it hurts and I can’t move it.” I’ve never had a broken bone so I instantly began to panic a bit. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to take her to the ER but I wasn’t sure where to take her. Thankfully I was blessed by being surrounded by WONDERFUL women who gave me guidance on who to call. They told me to call my pediatrician before I even got to the school and to let them guide me through the process.

I picked up my phone and called immediately as I walked to get Mason out of his group. The pediatrician’s office stayed on the phone with me until I reached the school and had Bailey with me. The nurse had me describe her finger to her and immediately sent in a request for an x-ray¬†at the hospital. We loaded up and rushed over to get the x-ray done. My husband was in the field that morning so he was not able to be with me during this process. This was one of those moments that you desperately need “the village”. I was at the hospital alone with two kids. One needed an x-ray and the other a nap.

Bailey was in good spirits by the time we got her to the x-ray technician but they told me that I couldn’t go in there with her because I had Mason. He couldn’t be exposed so I had to let her go in by herself. Of course, I had no choice so I let them take her behind the x-ray door for the scan. I stood behind the door waiting for her, listening to everything I could and rocking her brother back and forth in the stroller. She did amazing, she was so brave! We left there and called the pediatrician, wanting the results of the x-ray but those did not come for another 2 hours. I’m sure I annoyed the doctor’s office as I kept calling but I wanted answers. It was almost 2 pm when they finally called me back to let me know that her finger was not broken. We were definitely relieved.

On a lighter note…

We FINALLY got my cabinets for my office! I have been waiting on those cabinets for MONTHS! We planned on using cabinets with a butcher block counter top to serve as an L shaped desk in my new office. Cabinets are expensive. We only needed 5 cabinets and everywhere we looked quoted us $4,000+ for just the cabinets! An entire kitchen can be remodeled for that price so obviously, we were not paying for that. We found a guy who was selling the extra cabinets he didn’t use for the remodeling project he was working on and were able to get the cabinets in our budget. So this weekend we are installing the cabinets and next weekend we will be getting our butcher block countertops. I will be working on a post for those soon. So stay tuned for that.

Usborne Books

We are making a strive to get our books into kids hands all over the world. Illiteracy is a huge problem worldwide and our company is pushing to break that problem. To push this I am trying to book as many parties as possible in February and earn my spot as a team leader. If you have any interest in learning more about Usborne Books and the amazing things that we do company-wide, please contact me.

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