Four Month Sleep Regression

Mason’s sleep schedule has been all over the place for the past few months. We will get a routine going and then he changes it. So we were very excited when the week before he turned four months old, he started sleeping 8+ hours straight at night. But as soon as he turned four months old he stopped! He regressed all the way back to his newborn sleep pattern at night. He slept 2 to 3 hours and then would wake up to nurse. I would nurse him back to sleep, get back to sleep myself, only to wake again in two hours. This went on for weeks!

Mason was also struggling with naps during the day. He would nap when his sisters were at school but when they were home, no naps! (I say no naps because they were only about 15 minutes long). This was making him EXTREMELY cranky as well as me exhausted. I can honestly say there were a lot of tears during his fourth month.

Mason started taking better naps the last week of May. He dropped to 3 naps a day. One was a cat nap and the other two were longer, usually an hour or more. This made the days better. His nights started shifting later that same week. He wasn’t nursing as much at night but was still waking up. He would take a pacifier and go back to sleep at some of the previous feedings.

Right before we left for our trip, he slept 6 hours, with only one wake up to feed. I was so excited! It seemed like there was a light appearing at the end of this very dark tunnel. He continued this at my in-laws house, only waking once at night. Once we got to my mom’s, he was back to waking 2 to 4 times at night. Those nights

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