Final Doc Band Appointment

We have had a busy week this week. Bailey had therapy as usual on Monday. Her therapist said that she is doing wonderful. We are in the last part of her neck stretches before we are finished with the stretches and go to maintenance therapy. The therapist will still come out three times a month but we will not do as many stretches during the day. Her neck is sitting straight up and rarely has times that she tilts back over. She also has full movement of it without the previous restrictions. 

Tuesday we went to the Orthopedic surgeon in Lubbock to have her six month check up on her hips. They did an xray to see her growth. Her hip is in the socket like he wants but it has not developed at the same rate as her other hip. So, he wants to see her again in a year to make sure that we are not having any problems. Basically he is monitoring her for precaution more than having concerns. He told me that usually the hips develop fine and that one sometimes develops slower. He said that he didn’t expect for her to need a brace or surgery in the future but he would rather watch her then have problems unexpectedly arise. So, we will return next August for the year follow up. 

Yesterday we drove to Dallas for her scans at the end of this second band. The therapist put all three scans (beginning, middle, and current) up on a screen for me to look at. Bailey has shown tremendous growth in the past eight months. Her eyes are perfectly symmetrical whereas before they were slopping to one side. Her head is rounder and longer. The flat side has rounded out, even in ways that surprised the therapist. Her head looked absolutely beautiful to me. I was even able to see the creases that were in her neck previously gone on her scan which shows the torticollis disappearing.  The therapist informed me that Bailey could still be listed as severe but that she could always be in that category due to the measurements they take. They measure crisscross across her head and then add it to the measurements from the sides and circumference. (I’m not sure on the exact measurement technique). Her head is longer then wide so it throws off the symmetry which makes her fall in the severe category. That isn’t something they can fix. She could round out some in growth throughout her life or she may have a narrower head then Brooke. I don’t think it will be anything that will be drastic but know she will never have a perfect round head. She can get some growth with a third band but there is no way to know how much she can get with the fact that she has slowed down growing. They will be sending Joel and I the report within the next few days to go over. Once Joel and I will decide whether or not the third band is going to be something we want to pursue. She is still wearing the second band until Sunday or Monday to get as much time as we can with it. If we choose to go on to the third band Bailey will have her scans for the band on August 23 and will not receive it until September.

***After several days of discussion we decided not to do the third Doc Band and it has been a blessing for us all. Bailey is happier than ever. Her head is still growing and seems to have rounded out some more on it’s own. We are very happy with the progress she made in the Doc Band but are pleased to have that portion of our lives finished.


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