Essential Oils with Young Living: Thieves Antiseptic Spray

Thieves is an essential oil sold by Young Living. It is an antiseptic oil that has been recommended to help during cold and flu seasons to help kill viruses. Thieves Antiseptic spray is best used for door handles, toilet seats, or any other surfaces to protect from dust, mold, and other organisms bad for us.

My favorite way to use this spray is when we are out around town. I can clean a bathroom space or clean another area while we are out. I also like it for when we travel to help clean or disinfect hotel rooms before letting the girls stay in the room. I have found that when we travel, our kids come home sick so this is a good way to disinfect the room before letting them come in and play.

Other ways that people have used Thieves Spray:

  • To kill bugs off of plants
  • Can spray on your skin to disinfect and help prevent colds
  • Insect bites, spray on your skin for fast relief
  • Inside trash cans to remove bad odors
  • Spray thieves around you to repel flying bugs 
If you are interested in ordering Thieves Spray, please contact me about ordering. Also, if you would like to join my group and become a distributor for Young Living, sending me a message. Be sure to check out my Young Living Page for more information on Essential Oils. 

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