Elf on the Shelf Plans

It’s officially December which means that it’s time for Elf Belle to return to our home. I’ve been planning her arrival and list of to dos for a few weeks now and this is what I’ve come up with for this year.

Elf Belle will be arriving on December 1st with her traditional welcome breakfast! We will continue with the traditions of Christmas movie nights, game nights, messages and letters to Santa, the candy cane hunt, and marshmallow bath. My kids love those activities so much so we are keeping those.

This year we are adding a few things with Elf Belle. She will have a kissing booth with hershey kisses, one day she will be candy crazed and be hanging out in the m&m bag. I’m adding a bow climbing wall for her one of the days. She will be bringing a santa camera as well as her hammock for the christmas tree. Elf Belle will have a sleepover with barbies (G rated because Elf Belle is a girl). She will discover a ball pit of fun for giggles and laughs. I’ll also be adding a few friendly pranks from our sweet Elf Belle.

The most important thing that Elf Belle brings each year is the purpose of spending time together. I like to include family activities to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. I can’t wait to share all these ideas and pictures with you this year. Stay tuned to next week when I share the first post of Elf Belle’s return!

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