Elf on a Shelf Adventures: Week 3

This was our third week with our elf. The girls were very excited to have something new with the elf each day. They were really getting into the activities. But they were forgetting why the elf was really here. 
Day 16: Family Game Night: Saturday, December 13
This afternoon the girls found the elf in the living room sitting on the coffee table. She had a board game out with a note that said,
          “I love playing board games with family and friends, how about you? Are you up for a game tonight with your mom and dad?”
The girls were so excited to play games with us. We spent the afternoon playing games and eating popcorn. It was a blast! This was really special because they got to share this activity with Joel’s parents. 
Day 17: Days until Christmas: Monday, December 14
This morning the girls found their elf in the playroom. She was sitting on their table with strips of red and green paper and glue. With the art supplies there was a note, 
         “Christmas is getting closer. Let’s make a Christmas chain so that we can count how many days            are left until Christmas.”
We made a chain with 11 days on it. I explained that we would take one off each day that it gets closer to Christmas. 
Day 18: Snow Man Day: Tuesday, December 15
This day when the girls got home from school their was a note and a package of foam snowmen and their accessories. 
                    The note said, “I just love snow. Let’s build a snowman today.”  
Since it has yet to snow around here, we had to resort to foam snowmen. The girls loved “building” a snowman with all it’s accessories. It was a fun activity for after school. 
Day 19: Christmas Music Dance Party: Wednesday, December 16
This morning the elf was sitting on their tv shelf in their playroom. 
          “One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to listen to the wonderful Christmas                     music. Let’s have a Christmas Dance Party today and enjoy all of my favorite Christmas                       songs.”
We turned on the tv to the holiday music channel and listen to Christmas music throughout the day. Some of the songs the girls new, others were new for them. It was a good way to celebrate the season.
Day 20: Hanging with Christmas Cards: Thursday, December 17
When the girls came home from school this afternoon, they found their elf hanging out on top of our Christmas mail sign. There was a note clipped to the sign that said, 
       “Look at all of these wonderful Christmas cards that your family has received. I love looking at            all the cards each year.”
Day 21: Santa Cookie Mix: Friday, December 18
This morning the girls found a sign with their elf that said, 
             “I love baking for the holidays, let’s make these cookies together today.”
The elf had the cookie mix, m&ms, and their aprons out and ready to go. They had a blast making cookies and putting the m&ms on them. They made the cookie mix with their Nana and had so much fun. Nana let them stir in the eggs, butter, and m&ms. The cookies turned out great! 

Day 22: Tree Trimming: Saturday, December 19

This morning the girls woke up to find the elf in the tree. She left a sign at the bottom of the tree that said,

     “I just love how your tree looks. So I wanted to get a closer look. I think I will just hang out here          for today and enjoy the pretty lights.”

The girls wanted to sit and watch the lights as well.

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