Elf on a Shelf Adventures: Week 2

We have completed the second week of Elf on a Shelf with our elf Belle. We are continuing our theme of family time throughout each week an the different activities. 
Day 8: Polar Express: Saturday, December 5

When they woke up this morning Belle had a big surprise for them. She had tickets to the Polar Express Train Ride for this afternoon. They were really excited about riding the train but did not understand that they would see the “North Pole”. They kept telling us that they were riding on a train with Mommy and Daddy. We told them we had to wear pajamas on the train but they did not understand that.

To see the details from our Polar Express Train ride, you can read it here Polar Express.

Day 9: Message from Santa: Sunday, December 6

This morning Belle was sitting on my computer with a note that said,

             “This morning I have a special message for each of you from Santa.”

I used Portable North Pole to create a message for each of the girls. I have used this website before days before Christmas. Here is the website for the Santa Messages.

Day 10: Hidden Candy Cane Hunt: Monday, December 7

When the girls woke up this morning, their elf had a special game ready for them. They found elf in the kitchen sitting on an open box of candy canes, with a message that said,

          “I have hidden some candy canes around the room. See if you can find all of the candy ccanes               that I have hidden.”

As soon as they finished breakfast, they started searching for the candy canes. They did a great job of finding the candy canes around the kitchen and living room.

Day 11: Christmas Story: Tuesday, December 8

Before the girls went to bed they found their elf hanging out in their room. She was sitting on their book shelf with a and a note that said,

             “There is nothing better than cuddling up as a family and reading your favorite Christmas                      book. Oh, what fun memories this brings back, I just love this one!”

Instead of their regular bed time stories, we read this Christmas story recommended by our special elf.

Day 12: Christmas Card: Wednesday, December 9

When the girls woke up, they found elf in their playroom sitting on their table. She had several pieces of construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, christmas stickers, and glitter. With the art supplies sat a note that said,

          “I love sending and receiving Christmas Cards. Today I would like you to make a Christmas                 card for your grandparents and send it to them.”

The girls had a blast making the Christmas cards. I helped them write their messages and they practiced their writing as well. We mailed the cards as soon as they dried. I know that their grandparents will love having special cards from them.

Day 13: Bad Weather: Thursday, December 10

On this morning, the girls woke up to find their elf in the playroom in a small stocking with a pillow. Next to the stocking was a note from the elf that read,

           “Last night the weather was bad coming back from the North Pole. I think I will be staying in                 bed all day. Can’t wait to see how your day went tomorrow.”

Day 14: Handprint reindeer: Friday, December 11

On this morning the girls didn’t find their elf right away. It was mid morning before they found her hanging out in their playroom on the art shelf. She was sitting with white construction paper and paint. She was holding a note that read,

          “I love to paint, how about you? Let’s paint some reindeer today to deorate this room.”

We painted reindeer using their hands to make the antlers. Both girls wanted to make theirs have red noses like rudolph. We hung them up on their art board to decorate their playroom.

Day 15: Christmas Movie: Sunday, December 12
This morning the girls found their elf sitting in the living room on top of the DVD player. She was holding a note that said, 
            “I just love a good movie this time of year. Will you watch a movie with me?”

The movie that the elf had chosen was Polar Express. The girls were very excited to watch a movie. So after lunch and an attempt at taking a nap, we made popcorn and sat down to watch the Polar Express as a family. We pulled out blankets and snuggled up together on the couch. The elf was even positioned over the fireplace so that she could watch the movie as well. 

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