Elf on a Shelf Adventures: Week 1

This past week we introduced our elf on a shelf. We wanted the elf to have a family focus during this special season. It was really important for us to have a nice family oriented holiday with it being our last as a family of four. 
Another goal with this elf on a shelf was to make this time special for the girls. With the new baby coming, we wanted to make them feel special and let them know we love them. This is in addition to the elf’s main purpose of supporting good behavior. 
I decided to leave a card with details each day with what the elf was doing that day. Once the elf received it’s name, I was able to add it’s signature. 
Day 1: Introducing the Elf on a Shelf to the girls: Saturday, November 28
For this day, the girls woke up with a big breakfast. The dining table was decorated in Christmas theme with their breakfast waiting for them. They had reindeer pancakes with powdered sugar and bacon strips. On the table waiting for them was a package from Santa Claus. 
The girls opened the package during breakfast. Joel read the story to them which explained the rules of their new elf on a shelf. They were both really excited and needed to be reminded that they couldn’t touch the elf. They did not like this part. They didn’t understand why the elf would come to them but they couldn’t play with it. 

The elf moved once during the day to follow the girls into their playroom. She was keeping a close eye on them during that first day. 

Day 2: Naming the Elf: Sunday, November 29
This day we took the time to come up with a name for our new elf friend. I had found a list of names to help the girls name the elf. The message on the card reads, 
             “I need a name, please pick a name for me and fill out my certificate to send to Santa.”
I went through the elf names I found on the internet and they could not agree. Any name Brooke liked Bailey said no to. I had to remind them that it had to be agreed by everyone. So we went through the names again. This time they both agreed on the name Belle for our family elf. 
I wrote the name on her offical elf document and put the certificate in with her box for storing. 
This day we had to remind them several times that the elf was reporting to Santa. This did not stop the fighting or arguing that happened throughout the day. 
Day 3: Elf on a Shelf Pajamas: Monday, November 30
On the third day, our elf surprised the girls with a gift and a message that said, 
           “I love wearing my pajamas. I found a special pair just for you two. I want you to wear them                  tonight as a special Christmas celebration.”
The girls were very excited to have new pajamas, especially ones that matched their special elf. 
Day 4: Toys Ad: Tuesday, December 1
This day started with a message from their elf, who was sitting on a Toys Ad. The message read, 
           “One of my favorite things to do during Christmas time is to look at all the toys ads. Look at                  the toys ads with me today so taht you can pick ou tthat special gift to ask Santa for.”
The girls had so much fun looking at the toys. Of course they loved everything they found. They had a hard time remembering that they couldn’t touch their special elf. 
Day 5: Write a Letter to Santa: Wednesday, December 2
When the girls came home from school, their elf was waiting with two letters to fill out and a note telling the girls, 
           “Yesterday you picked out a toy in the ad. Today I want you to write your letter to Santa                        asking him for your gift. Your mom will mail it for you.”
The girls really liked picking out toys the day before. They were really excited to write their letters and put them in the mailbox to send to Santa. 

Day 6: Elf Cocoa Party: Thursday, December 3
When the girls woke up this morning they did not see the elf around. She was hiding from them in the morning. After they got home from school, the elf was back for them to find. She was hanging out in the kitchen ready for a special party. Her note read, 
          “One of my favorite things to do is drink cocoa with Santa. Let’s have a cocoa party but don’t                 forget the marshmallows.”
The girls were thrilled to have a cocoa party with their elf. They love to have hot cocoa. It was a special day for them. We even let them add their marshmallows. 
Day 7: Marshmallow Bath: Friday, December 4

When the girls woke up this morning they found their elf hanging out in their playroom. She was sitting in a bathtub full of marshmallows. Next to her was a card that read,

            “I know that you like to have bubbles in your bath. But for my bath, I like marshmallows                           instead of bubbles.”

They thought this was hilarious. They told me that they had a silly elf, which I had to agree.

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