Elf on a Shelf Adventures: The Final Week

The final week of Elf on a shelf ended like this.

Day 23: Coloring Book: Sunday, December 20

This morning after church the girls found their elf in their playroom with this note,

        “I love to color! I found these coloring books and thought we could color together today.”

We had fun coloring together as a family. The girls wanted to know the names of all the elves on the coloring pages.

Day 24: Christmas Movie: Monday, December 21

This was our first week of Christmas break from school. So our note this morning was a perfect start to a break.

       “I just love a good movie this time of year. Will you watch a movie with me?”

The elf was sitting with Santa is Coming to Town and a bag of popcorn. The girls couldn’t wait to get started on their movie and popcorn. We snuggled up on our couch and watched the movie just mommy and the girls. Elf hung out from afar. 

Day 25: Wrapping Gifts: Tuesday, December 22

This morning the girls found elf being a little mischevious. She had pulled out the wrapping paper and tape, leaving it on the living room floor. Her note this morning read,

      “It is so much fun to wrap Christmas gifts. Help your mom and dad wrap a gift today. You will             love it as much as I do.”

The girls helped me wrap a gift for daddy and later when daddy came home they helped him wrap a gift for me. 

**I’m sorry I did not get a picture of this day.

Day 26: Stockings: Wednesday, December 23

This morning the girls found elf hanging out in Mommy’s stocking. She had a note that said,

     “I love hanging out in the stockings. Everything looks ready for Santa’s visit tomorrow night.                Remember to be your best.”

They giggled at seeing the elf in their Mommy’s stocking.

Day 27: Christmas Eve Note/Christmas Story: Thursday, December 24

This morning the girls woke up with a note from their special elf. The note said,

       “There is nothing better than cuddling up as a family and reading your favorite Christmas book.            Oh, what fun memories this brings back, I just love this one!”

Their sweet elf was sitting with a book to read. We also reminded them that we had to put cookies and milk out for Santa tonight because he would be coming to town.

Day 28: Final Day: Goodbye Letter: Friday, December 25

This was Christmas morning. Their elf left a note for the girls. It was telling them goodbye and letting them know that Santa said they were good and brought them something special.

The girls had a blast with our family elf this year. They were very sad to see her go. We did allow for the “magic” to be lifted on Christmas Eve to allow them to tell her goodbye and give her a hug. This allowed them to say goodbye without the upset of their elf who had been with them for a month and now was gone. The next morning they reminded us that Elf Belle had to return home to the North Pole to be with her family and friends. They were fine with her leaving and there were no tears over her departure.

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